Sparkle cardigan: Forever 21 (a reeeeally long time ago…) (similar here) (and here)  (also this would be sooo easy to DIY with your own cardi and some sew-on jewels from M&J Trimming!)

White tissue tee: Mossimo

Fur Bag: handmade by me

Rings: Cartier, Tiffany, mocha

Pleather swing skirt: Forever 21 (no longer avail. on their website tho)

Opaque Reversible Tights: SPANX

Faux Jeffrey Campbell Glitter Litas: DIY (tutorial coming soon!)

What I wore to the Portland Blogger’s Lunch today.

Bloggers = fashionable!!  Lunch on December 4th = Holiday Party!  So I felt the occasion warranted stepping up my game with something sparkly and blogger-ish.

Pleather skirts have been a trending item lately so I picked up one from Forever 21.  It feels pretty flimsy (no hem or lining), but it held up pretty well (i.e., no tears or zipper falling out).  I hope it will stand up to repeat wear.  Apparently H&M is selling them too now, but a better quality, with a little more gathering at the waist, wider A-line, hem, and lining.

I finally finished my glittery DIY “Litas” this morning…soon to share the DIY tutorial.  Well, it’s pretty obvious how I did it, since glitter shoe tutorials are all over the place lately.  But I have a couple tricks up my sleeve that might make this project a little more…permanent.  Maybe.

There is still a small amount of shedding glitter, though hopefully that will decrease with wear.

I kept getting stopped today by people wanting to know where I got my bag.  I mean, I just made it for myself from the fur I use to make my Etsy tails, but I’m beginning to think that if I put these bags in my Etsy, people would buy them.  (The finished ones, of course, not the prototype I’m dragging around!!)  So many people seemed to want one!!  After all, this is that time of year when you start craving something furry, no?

However, the bags are far more labor- and materials-intensive than my tails because of the lining, the zipper, and the chain connection, which means I would have to charge more for them than my tails. So here’s my question for all of you, where YOU, lovely readers, get to determine the fate of this bag…

(It would have a simple satin lining, no inner pockets/dividers or anything.  Single zipper pull.  Removable shoulder-chain.  Roughly the same size as pictured.  In the full range of fur colors I stock.)

I’m not collecting a potential buyer’s list and won’t email you saying that you committed to buy it or anything!  I’m just trying to gauge what other people’s perception is.  Thanks so much for your feedback!:-)

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!



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