(Miss Selfridge twisted satin knot headband, vintage silk dupioni scarf, Old Navy cardigan, Petit Bateau Classic Tee, DIY “No. 7” necklace, handmade skirt, DIY cut-off sheer tights, Alloy Percy Booticon, Cartier & Tiffany wedding rings, jump ring opening tool ring, Paul & Joe Sister tote)

A sunny day in Portland means Spring’s on the way!  (It’s only what…late May??  Almost June???)  Only to be interrupted by pouring rain interspersed with hail the next day…

Ah well, it’s good for the grass!

But despite the sunshine it’s still brisk.  I tend to feel the cold more than the average person – probably poor circulation or something.  So I bundle up even when the rest of the city is wearing short-sleeves.  (Plus I need the neck-scarf thing which was admittedly too warm even for me because of the pityriasis rosacea on my neck which is not.going.away.  GAHHHHHR!)


I wanted an excuse to wear this skirt, of which I’ll be sharing the how-to soon I’ve shared the how-to here.  It’s made from a pillowcase that I pulled out of the mountainous pile of clothing I picked up from the Goodwill Bins a little while ago.


I paired it with a necklace that I made, similar to Lulu Frost’s Plaza Hotel Number Necklaces, on gold chain, with pearls, grosgrain ribbon, and a sweet little number 7 on it.  It’s not really my lucky number – I don’t really have one (I like number 3 but it’s never been “lucky” for me) – but I just liked how the 7 looked…kind of like a broken cross, if you look at it right.  The whole piece has this “irreverent rosary” look to it that I’m liking lately.


I continuously forget to remove that jump ring tool after I’m done making jewelry.  And yes, I do have a piercing in my ring finger nail – I do it sometimes with a needle and a tiny jump ring.  I know you’re never supposed to pierce your real nails…but I love adding that tiny little accessory that is almost unnoticeable…it’s like your little secret with the world.


The tote bag was apparently designed by Paul & Joe Sister, in a collaboration with Sweet Magazine (Sept. 2009 issue).   I use it as my snacks-n-stuff-that-inevitably-spills-and-leaves-a-sticky-crumby-mess-in-everything tote when I’m out with Lil Tot.


Plus my sheer tights for added warmth, and my FAVORITE Percy boots from Alloy…I’m practially wearing these into the ground lately.  I find them really comfortable, and they’re both casual and chic at the same time.


I know I don’t post a whole lot of photos of my family on this blog – so it may seem that they don’t actually exist, but believe me the photos I do share I’ve carefully vetted from a slew of others where I’ve been photobombed by those closest to me..*cough cough* Lil Tot, Muffin [or Cat O’ Evil as I like to call her], and Pudding the dog[AKA Bane of My Existence].  But Lil Tot has his own adorable brand of photobombing perfected to an art.  Oftentimes, this is what a photo-shoot will degenerate into…

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And yes, my son has his pants undone yet again.  Maybe he’s singlehandedly trying to back those pants-hanging-around-the-hips-and-boxers-out fad of the late 90’s??  Future member of ‘N Sync [Gen Z] comin’ right atcha!

Ah, the joyful near-summers of youth!



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