Glasses: BonLook Drink the Kool-Aid in Beechwood. Santa Maria Becky Jacket: Rebecca Minkoff (similar here). Necklaces: DIY (of square faux goldstone beads found at Jo-Ann’s), layered onto Forever 21 collar necklace, over H&M spiked rhinestone necklace, over DIY Wire-Wrapped Gold-Dipped Quartz Necklace (tutorial here). Rose gold watch: DailyLook. Black jeggings: UNIQLO. Rainboots with bow detail: Dav, a Hautelook purchase.

9.29.13outfit_cu3 What I wore to the “Back to School with Portland Bloggers” event on Sunday.

9.29.13outfit_full2It was pouring rain since the weather decided to give us unallayed thunderstorms and a record-breaking rainfall in September, hence the stylish footwear and umbrella. I decided to go super-fun and flowery to contend with the precipitation, with my new Rebecca Minkoff jacket (bought from Shopbop.com when HEAVILY discounted in an End-of-Summer sale), and with some majorly-layered necklaces.

9.29.13outfit_necklaceTip: If you don’t have a single necklace that matches your outfit, layer on necklaces that each have a color or shape that matches. Eventually the whole lot will look like a coordinated piece! (Or an exploding pile of jewelry at your neck. Pick one.)

This is my new favorite jacket, having so many things I love: a structured shape, strong shoulders, ombre, blue and black, and floral-print. I’m so glad I bought it!


Dav boots. Whenever I wear these I get tons of compliments on them – and the funny thing is, if you can’t find anything similar with a bow you can tie on them, you can easily DIY your own with a pair of scissors, a couple grommets and grommet-setter, and your favorite ribbon or shoelace. Seems like a pretty easy DIY to me – so I’m sure people have tried it before!


Since the weather is junky and visibility is pretty low on the freeway, I have to wear my glasses. I actually have two prescriptions: one for driving/distance viewing, and one for computer/close-up work. Basically bifocals would satisfy both of those prescriptions, but what a pain! So I just switch out my glasses – and the driving/distance ones I only use when visibility is low (like in the rain or at night), or at the movies. They don’t necessarily have to be fashionable specs – but I chose to get an ombre pair from BonLook (which makes a ton of beautiful frames) so I can also match them with my outfit for everyday wear. (My distance-viewing prescription can be worn all the time; my eye doctor said I could if I wanted to.)

thegreetingcardshop.comI also wanted to welcome my newest sponsor for the month of October, TheGreetingCardShop.com. They are an online greeting card shop that allow their customers to personalize a greeting card with a message and a photo to be mailed directly to their recipient. (Not e-cards – REAL greeting cards which are printed and mailed via USPS – making it a breeze to send a favorite person a thoughtful card without ever having to deal with the line at the Post Office or the hassle of mailing.) The site offers convenient features such as the ability to set reminders for future birthdays and holidays, as well as the ability to import contacts to make sending cards easier.

Check out TheGreetingCardShop.com and Send Someone a Real Card Today!


So psyched about sending greeting cards and not having to bother with the Post Office. And my exploding pile of necklaces. It’s almost the weekend, chickies!



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