Enamel Jeweled Necklace: Accessorize.com.  “Waterfall” Knit Neckpiece: DIY.  Faux Fur Shoulder Accessory: DIY.  Ribbed Henley: Victoria’s Secret. Plaid Maxi-Skirt: Anap (Japan).   Colin Stuart Devon Convertible Boots (in Cordovan): Victoria’s Secret.

Day 25 in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 25.


I am always compelled to wear something in traditional “Fall colors” on this day.  Every year, I don browns, oranges, and reds – though I rarely wear these colors otherwise.

I made the fringed neckpiece following …love, Maegan‘s DIY tutorial here.  It’s one of the pieces that I love in theory but just haven’t worked into my outfits enough after making it.  I layered it under a lovely enamel jewel necklace courtesy of Accessorize.com…another piece I love to look at but haven’t put it into regular rotation in my wardrobe.  It’s such a statement piece I actually have some difficulty matching my outfit to it – since I usually decide on the outfit first, then the accessories second.  (Does anyone else style their outfits like this or is it just me?)

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of editorials in magazines are styling the models with fur scarves slung over their shoulders rather than worn around their necks.  This intrigued me as a new way to wear a fur scarf.  So I pulled the removable faux fur collar off a coat I have and attached it over my shoulder with safety pins.   (Hub made a crack about Neanderthals when he saw this.)

For the last couple years, I’ve always worn this plaid skirt on this day – it’s super-warm, and I love its swingy shape (and the fact that I bought it over 10 years ago in Japan and it still fits wonderfully…in fact, it’s a little big around the waist for me now).

I wore the orange henley shirt in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge before here and the boots here…but since it’s Thanksgiving I hope you will forgive…?  (Full disclosure: I did remove all the necklaces and fur while I was cooking the meal:-)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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