Straw Hat: Target
Mesh Wide Tee: Forever 21 
Watch: Forever 21
Bracelets: handmade
Double-C logo Paper Bag: DIY…video tute coming soon!
Cropped Sweatpants: Forever 21
Lace-Up Sandal Boots: DIY’ed Forever 21 (DIY tutorial here)

Alright, so cold #5 feels to be on its way out.  Kinda.  I have now officially been sick for 3 months straight.  After $400 worth of tests, my doctor’s official medical opinion is that I am “unlucky.”  My white blood cell count is normal.  I don’t have whooping cough, tuberculous, or pneumonia.  She doesn’t even know how to test for Cryptococcus gatii and says I probably don’t have it.  She said there’s no reason to test for a yeast intolerance (thank you for that suggestion, Dusk!  I am still suspicious tho…).  So after 5 colds, plus bronchitis, plus an eye infection, pytiriasis roasacea, and laryngitis twice, apparently I’m completely a completely healthy person who just keeps getting sick for no reason.  What the heck’s wrong with me???!


I kind of want to start naming each bout of illness with cocky, blue-blooded names, like “Thurston Marshall Laryngitis II” or “James Preston Rhinovirus V” or something.  Blech.  I’m so OVER being sick!!  (And to think I was over it at cold #3…..*sigh*)

 Necklace: Claire’s 
Rings, right hand: Unknown, AdornJewelry Set in Stone Moss Ring
Rings, left hand: unknown rhinestone X ring, twisted to fit high on finger; handmade sideways cross ring, available here (or convo me if it sells out)
Manicure: Ice Cream Shop Nails, posted here

So I saw a similar paper bag on a streetstyle shot (probably on JakandJil) and decided to DIY it in a video tutorial.  Yes, I wrote “video“!!  Will be sharing soon once I edit it together.

Hmm…I wonder what’s in my lovely bag?


Haha – PSYCH!  There’s nothing in it!  A bag that defeats its purpose, perhaps.


I’m liking my DIY Ann Demeulewhatever boots very much…but the elastic shoelaces are very uncomfortable.  I will have to change them out for regular shoelaces!  And the last time I posted these, one helpful reader also known as Professor Shoelace (!) noted that I was tying them the wrong way…which I am…here’s the right way to tie them.  I’ve checked out Ian’s Shoelace Site before, specifically for lacing shoes in multiple interesting ways….seriously, this site is the resource for shoelace-related-stuff on the web!


Hope you guys are having a great week…I got out of bed at 3:30 PM today, and now the day’s over.  I have no idea what day it is anymore.  I get the feeling there was something (some hundred things) that I was supposed to take care of today.  Ugh.



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