Band Jacket: DIY.  Whipped Cream Heart Necklace: handmade by me.  Cowl-Neck Sweater Vest: Old Navy.  LS White Tee: Forever 21.  Rabbit Ring Set: mocha (Tokyo).  Scrunch-Leg Leggings: handmade by me.  Wedge-Heel Boots: Metro7 (Wal-Mart).

Day 13 in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 13.

I put his name on the front side in fondant letters, though I blurred it out above.

Lil Tot’s 5th birthday party! I finally finished up the cake.  My first time using pre-made rolled fondant – I think it turned out pretty well!

Today’s was a bit of a throwaway outfit.  I had to wear something appropriate for a kid’s birthday party; something that allowed a lot of movement since I would be running around after the kids, doing set-up and clean-up; and something that was easily washable if when I get cake on it.

The jacket I made last year for a weekly challenge in America’s Most Stylish Blogger Competition.  That was the week my ranking in the challenge finally jumped two spots ahead – so maybe a lot of people liked the jacket?? 😉  (My tutorial on how to make it is here, BTW.)

The leggings I made by doing a ruboff of a pair I already owned; I’ve also bought Easy MCCall’s M6173 pattern and can’t wait to see if a pair made from a store-bought pattern fits better.

 The necklace I made: a heart-shaped pendant with little rosettes of faux “whipped cream” and Swarovski crystals.  Unfortunately the chain makes the whipped cream dirty so I have to figure out a solution before I can sell these.

The birthday party was a success; the kids all had fun and Lil Tot was so happy to spend a non-school-day afternoon with his friends.  The cake was a hit too!

We had a visitor in the evening who ate all the cat food Hub left outside.  He’s getting bolder and now comes right up to the window to eat the food (the visitor, not Hub).  We’ve had many arguments about not leaving cat food outside for the neighbor’s cat since it is, well…the neighbor’s cat.  And there are two raccoons who come together to steal the food, and it’s obviously encouraging them to get increasingly familiar with our home.  (The other one is just outside of the frame.)

I don’t know what I am doing here.

In other news, Lil Tot has a 103-degree fever today (Sunday), so I’m not sure how my outfit will turn out for today, or even if I’ll be able to wear something nice with all the worry and running around.  We’ll have to see! 🙂


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