Hooded cargo vest: (bought at STEPS boutique in NYC)

LS black top, Rhinestone armor ring, Striped maxi-dress: Forever 21

(dress no longer available but this is the long-sleeved version of it)

Scroll ring: I forget

Vampire teeth ring: Icing by Claire’s

Ombre scarf: unknown (thrifted at Goodwill)

G-buckle velour belt: Guess (from like a million years ago)

Motorcycle boots: Zara

Wedding rings: Cartier platinum band + Tiffany’s solitaire diamond band

It’s still technically winter here in Oregon, which means layers and scarves…but I thought to wear a recent thrift store find in a way I normally wouldn’t wear a scarf.  It’s like another layer: a cute topper for an outfit…but it technically isn’t a top.  I love me those contradictions!

Just call me Baby G.

I paired the ombre scarf over a lightweight cargo vest I haven’t had the opportunity to wear in awhile, over a summerweight maxidress and long-sleeved tee.  The whole ensemble was surprisingly warm and made me want to take off a layer or three while stuck in the computer classroom with 30 other people + 50 iMacs.

Then I got a little crazy with Photoshop.  Man, my bonsai needs trimming!  (Which is certainly NOT a euphemism in any way.)

Bwahahaha!  I do love me my Photoshop, too.

I hope everyone’s having a great week!

I have a 3 ft-square hole in my kitchen floor going all the way down to the basement/crawlspace where a pipe burst last week, and my in-laws from Japan arrive tomorrow.  Check that: I hope everyone’s having a better week than me!

Try a scarf as a topper anytime you want to break up the routine!;-)




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