Rhinestone Mesh Earrings: DIY.  Rainbow Bow Tunic: DIY.  Oversized Rhinestone Ring: Express.  Multicolored Rhinestone Flower Rings: Vintage.  Lacy Shorts and Silver Heels: Forever 21.  Hot Pink Tights: Delia’s.  Maribou Clutch Handbag: DIY.

In the home stretch now, baaaaaby!

I had a friend’s party to attend on Sunday, so I just wore what I was planning to wear to the party all. day.  (I hope there isn’t a law against that;-))

The earrings I made for a tutorial I wrote for an upcoming issue of Snippets from CutOutandKeep.net.  As soon as the issue drops, I’ll be sharing it here as well!

I wore my Bow Tunic backwards since it was looking too circusy with the pink tights and all.  (These are the only shade of pink tights I have so I had to make do!!)  The tutorial for my Men’s Shirt to Bow Tunic Dress is here.

I made this maribou feather clutch by gluing feathered trim onto a thrifted clutch.  I love how fun and feathery it is!

Tutorial for Maribou Feathered Clutch coming soon!

I managed to snag the lace shorts from Forever 21 when they were selling them last year.  Up until then I had only seen lace bloomers sold in Japan (or on Ebay), so I was really happy when I found them in Forever 21 in an American size.  They’re great to wear under tunics or tops that would just be a little too short without them:-)

I actually used a Bumpit in my hair for this hairstyle!  I bought a pack awhile ago, suckered in by the advertising, and never had occasion to use them.  But I’ve found they’re really fun and they actually do what they say they do.  I think I’m channeling Leslie Hall from Leslie and the Lys today.  I have never, not once in my life, worn my hair like this, in this semi-beehive.  It’s totally ridiculous and I’m loving how silly it is!!


Have any of you walked outside the house knowing your hair looks out of fashion or even- gasp! unflattering and just not cared because you were having such fun with it???!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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