Pink Twill Blazer: Zara.  Jeweled Necklace and Silk-Blend Trouser Socks: Target.  Chanel-Style Fabric Marker Tanktop: handmade by me.  Handknit Knitting Needle Clutch: Handmade by me.  Diamond Wedding Ring: Vintage.  Pegged Khaki Twill Trousers: ASOS.  Strappy Suede Heels and Mixed Chain Bracelet: Forever 21.

Friday already?!  Where did the week go?

I’ve been having a great time pulling out pieces from my closet to wear after so many months of leaving them on the hangers.  It’s really reawakened my love of fashion and accessorizing!  (And helped me start to remove tons of stuff that I really don’t want anymore – I’ve already filled two bags of things to get rid of.)

So, Day 5 in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 5.

Yesterday was all black, today it’s all pastels.  To mix it up a bit, instead of shooting on our back deck, I cajoled Hub into shooting in front of our house, much to his embarrassment.  He hid in the bushes as much as he could. 😉

If I had gotten the job I was so excited about in August, I would probably be wearing this to the office every day.  (No, I didn’t get the job.  I found out last month. I was up against 2 other candidates, and all of us were way overqualified to be an Office Manager.  So the company had to start considering attributes and experience that weren’t even part of the position requirements or duties.  And I lost out since I haven’t been working in production these past 5 years, and so my related experience is from quite long ago and not extensive enough.  I was surprised and very disappointed, since had I gotten it sure, I would have been able to blog less, but it would have meant a creative group of people that I got to hang around with and work with every day, and moreover, a steady income and health insurance for my family.  :…(  Ah well, the best I can do is get back in the saddle!  I’ll be working on Artistic Direction and Design for an indie web series that we’ll be shooting later this month, which I’m excited about.)

I am so glad I picked up this necklace when I saw it at Target a little while ago!  I love the colors.  Right now the pieces in this line are all marked clearance at Target (though no longer available online)…you just have to go to the store and see what they have.  My local store has sold out of the necklace but has the matching earrings on sale, for instance.

I made this Chanel knockoff tanktop from an oversized Hanes men’s tee and a fabric marker.  I was so pleased it ended up looking so good considering how easy it was to do!  And you can do any design your little heart desires.;-)  Quick-tutorial here (at the bottom of the post).

I think I bought these pants 2 sizes too big from (since I always have trouble finding pants that fit and are flattering).  I was thinking of altering them to fit better but I realized I wouldn’t be able to without taking the pants completely apart, so it’s not worth the hassle.

I made this clutch back in 2005 after I saw the Margaret Nicole knit clutch purse Carrie was carrying in a Sex and the City episode.

It’s just a long rectangle of  knitting that I bound off onto two sharpened dowels I made to look like knitting needles.  Then I sewed the sides together and sewed a lining in, and added a magnetic closure and a hair barette I painted gold.  I should have knitted little triangles as well to become side panels, because this clutch can’t open very far.  Live and learn, I guess! 

Finally got around to painting my nails as well…was in an OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow mood.

Does anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend?  Lil Tot has not one but TWO birthday parties I have to take him to (one in Vancouver, WA!!), and then Sunday I have my first big production meeting for the video series.  Hmm….I wonder what I’ll wear to that?;-)


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