Sometimes you just want to bum around in your sweatpants.

I know I do.  Sometimes I’m just feeling – blah – that time of the month, icky weather, stuff to be stressed about, should have gotten on the treadmill yesterday – you get the drift.  Sometimes the mean reds force you into sweatpants because nothing else seems to be working.

That’s why I loved Lucky Magazine‘s January issue feature on chic sweatpants as seen on Hannah MacGibbon at Chloe’s S/S ’10 show.

Sweatpants, chic-ified?  Count me in!

So here’s my version to take away the blahs normally associated with those sweatpants days:

*lurex scarf
*handmade necklace
*Kain Label Pocket Tee
*Talula Bra
*wrap leather bracelet
*silver pyramid ring
*handmade leather ruffle clutch
*fleece sweatpants
*newsprint stockings
*IDOL platform velvet sandals

Lurex Scarf: something from the 90’s; similar styles here

Geometric Necklace – handmade, following the tutorial here by ddlai from Fatlace, who was DIY’ing a necklace she saw at Eryn Birnie.  Made from a whole bunch of sterling silver beads from the bead store – super-fun and a very striking result. If you’d prefer to buy, here’s a somewhat-similar triangular necklace here.

Wrap Leather Bracelet – $8 from the Buffalo Exchange.  So glad they have a store in Portland!  (But it drips rivets everywhere.  Caveat emptor when buying from resale shops, I suppose.)  Similar style here.

Silver Pyramid Ring: unknown. Similar style here.

Kain Label Pocket Tee – the softest, silkiest tee ever, like in the history of the world.  $85 for a t-shirt is not what I’d consider a steal in any sense of the word – but it is really the most beautiful t-shirt you will ever feel or put on.  Seriously – once you touch it you will not be able to resist the overpriced thing’s siren call!  (Plus, I had a gift card about to expire – and it had to be put to good use!)

Talula Black Lace Bra – I normally wear a sports bra day-to-day (I know, TMI!) since I want to work out at a moment’s notice, but I figure when you’re wearing sweatpants, you need to stay away from workout gear in the rest of your outfit, lest you look like you really are en route to the gym.  Talula-brand lingerie is sold at national retailers such as Aritzia and H&M.

Silver Ruffle Leather Handcuff Clutch – handmade.  In 2003, I was going to make a handcuff bag similar to the Cuffz by Linz bag that Paris Hilton was toting around, then I got bored with the idea and made a little ruffle clutch instead.  (The handcuff is scored from a child’s magic kit – you’ve probably seen those “trick handcuffs” at party stores and Wal-Mart and such.)  I’m not sure if the handcuff is inappropriate or screams 2003 or what, but I liked the contrast to the ruffle.  And I used the handcuff key as the zipper-pull to the bag as you can see.

Sweatpants – unknown, similar style here.  Should definitely haven chose a pair that’s a little smaller in size and a little less thick and fleecy – for maximum stylish result.  And women’s sweatpants with elastic cuffs are surprisingly hard to come by!  Nowadays they all seem to have the loose leg (which I think is far more flattering anyway), but I never thought I’d be able to wear my old-school-style sweatpants out of the house without feeling frumpy.  So if you have a similar style in your closet – make it do double-duty as something more fashionable asap!

Newsprint Stockings: from Japan like 10 years ago.  I thought it consummately bizarre that they contain an actual newspaper article, written in perfect English (unlike the majority of clothing designed by Japanese companies, who don’t seem to care how ridiculous, misspelled, or gibberish the English they print on their clothing is).  The funny thing was, I realized that it’s an actual print of a couple newspaper articles – with journalist Gerry Malloy‘s byline on them.  My guess is they’re from the Toronto Star, with articles from the automotive section and technology relating to
the automotive sector (!). I’d be willing to bet money that the Japanese company that printed these did not get reprint rights for this particular article and that the journalist has no idea his words are being worn by Japanese teenagers and twentysomethings in Tokyo – well, ten years ago.  (And some random thirtysomething in Oregon currently.:-)

IDOL Platform Velvet Sandals: from Japan, again, like 10 years ago.

Hair: 2nd day hair, with Charles Worthington Big Hair So Uplifting Mousse worked into the roots, then curled with a 1″ curling iron and finished off with Paul Mitchell Firmstyle Freeze and Shine Super Spray.

What do you think?  Are you considering working sweatpants into an outfit anytime soon?




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