Hair: top-bun with my Odango Cushion (just use a sock for the same effect)

Gold spike earrings: Forever 21 (similar hereicon)

Peach shimmer Slouchy Stretch Sweater: Forever 21

Gold-studded belt: Forever 21 (similar here)

Faux croc laptop tote: Target

Long-sleeved shirt: Victoria Secret

Polyester textured crop pants: ASOS (similar blue pants here)

PATCHI Cylindrical Heel Platform High Shoe: ASOS

Last time I posted an outfit I wore to a job interview, it was August 2010.   August 2010, people.  Yikes!

And I’ve been applying to local jobs and internships and just about everything that’s a match for my background and skills since then.  And I’ve gotten no calls back, no returned emails, no interest for soooooooooo long.  I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me.  I redid my flat portfolio 3 times, launched my own website, connected with tons of people via LinkedIn, joined professional organizations, went to networking events, and still no dice.

Then suddenly, in early December, I received an email back about an internship in downtown Portland with a large graphic design firm.  Then on the same day that I was asked to come into that interview, I got an email from another company asking me to come in for an interview with them.  Though the interview with the large graphic design firm went okay, I got the feeling they were looking for somebody with a different skillset.  As to the second interview…more than a month later, 3 emails and a phone call from me, and they still won’t commit to a time or day for this proposed meeting.  These two things have been a major bummer for me over the holidays.

Bu!  Lo and behold, I cold-emailed another design place just prior to the holidays, and they actually seemed interested in me.

So I went in today and interviewed with them for some freelance work for projects that they said they’ve got coming up.

The interview went really well and they said they would send me something to work on to assess my skills, and go from there.  Mostly the work they do is Photoshop or Illustrator-based logos, design, and illustration, as well as product branding for a number of different companies.  So hopefully things work out…

Lately I’ve been in somewhat of a 70’s-mood, wearing bright, colorblocked hues with round heels, and playing with proportions.  Since this meeting was somewhat informal, I went with my new favorite bright blue pants from ASOS along with those crazy colorblocked shoes that I’ve been posting about so much on this blog (and I finally caved in and bought because it wormed its way into my affections LOL), along with a layered short-sleeved sweater and long-sleeved blouse.  Hopefully I looked professional and put-together, but a little bit fun at the same time.  The crazy mishmash of colors on these heels always make my giddy! (pedi: China Glaze in neon yellow; I’m not sure of the actual color name)

I’m really, really excited that this could finally lead to something, and I can finally get back into the “day job” mentality and have something beyond my own self-initiated projects!!  Is this my first step along the path of becoming a Multimedia Designer??  Wish me luck!!:-D

Hope everyone had a great week!


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