Initial pendant necklace: urban sweetpea (c/o Max&Chloe). Tanktop-Chiffon Hybrid Dress: DIY (tutorial coming soon!). Flowered Snackcessory Case: DIY (tutorial here). Faux Druzy Bracelet: Michael’s. Tie Sparkly Sandals: Old Navy (similar here).

outfit8.5.13_cuI once had a job as the office admin assistant at a ballet school and the sight of all the students filing past in the morning in their ballerina buns, warm-up legwarmers, pink tights, and chiffon wrap-skirts evoked a deep-seated longing to emulate this pretty look. Even now, sometimes I tap into my inner girly self and want to dress up in ribbons, chiffon, lace, and tulle – harking back to my days on the sidelines, watching rows of girls in pastel colors stretch and twirl at the barre. outfit8.5.13_curtsyEnter this ballerina-esque DIY dress: by combining a tanktop and a flowy chiffon skirt, you get a pretty tutu-style piece (which somewhat satisfies my lust for ballet-inspired clothing). Styled under a blazer it can be dressed down and casual; worn as-is it is ethereal and lovely. I’ll be sharing the DIY tutorial super-soon, so stay tuned!   outfit8.5.13_fulloutfit8.5.13_bagoutfit8.5.13_cu2 outfit8.5.13_feet outfit8.5.13_faceoutfit8.5.13_skirt

The grass in my yard always dries up like this in August, no matter what I do. It’s terrible!

outfit8.5.13_face2In other news, I’ve been wrestling with my site all week – which I think may have looked a little funky on Tuesday and Wednesday. *sigh* I can’t wait until I don’t have to be tweaking the design and tech issues any more, and can just focus on content! Yeesh. Hopefully by the end of this month, all these issues will be ironed out and I can get on with it.

Sorry for any troubles you guys might have experienced while trying to access the site!

outfit8.5.13_full3Hope everyone’s having a great week…hang on, it’s almost the weekend!




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