Sleeveless Wool Overcoat: DIY.  Long-sleeved top: Petit Bateau.  Gold Lion Door Knocker Pendanticon:  Beaded Wrap Ring: handmade by me.  Belt: unknown (bought too long ago).   Dark Rinse Trouser Jeans: Old Navy.  Grey Padlock Bag: Aldo Accessories.  Wedge Suede Boots: Metro7 (Wal-Mart).

Day 6 of my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 6.

Today it’s craycraycray.  I have to take Lil Tot to ANOTHER birthday party at a gymnastics place in the early afternoon, then, after dinner, drive to downtown Portland for my first production meeting for the pilot of this web series we’re working on.  I can’t wait to sit down and start hashing out the aesthetics of the shoot!

So I had to wear something that was simple enough to go from a kid’s birthday…to a professional (but casual) meeting.  Something that when worn, showed to everyone else on the team that I got it in the bag.

Of course!  This sleeveless camel wool coat I’ve wanted to DIY ever since I saw the Michael Kors version featured in Vogue awhile back.  But it was Spring turning into Summer at the time, and I couldn’t find any camel coats at the thrift store.  And then Maegan from …love, Maegan DIY’ed her own version.  And it was awesome.  So when I did finally find a coat at Goodwill the other day ($14.99, hello!!) I just followed Maegan’s fabulous DIY tutorial to make my own.  (There’s always that brief uncertainty before hacking off the sleeves of a perfectly good coat.  I just hold my breath, and close my eyes.  For a moment – not when I’m actually cutting.;-)

I’m in love with this Lion Door Knocker Pendanticon from ASOS.  Ohmygoodness it’s so unique!  People have been stopping me all day to ask about it.  (And it was only $14!! shhhhh)  The ring I made a million years ago from some old beads I had knocking around in my bead box and some jewelry wire.  Nails are a layer of Deborah Lippmann Waking Up In Vegas (the same color Lady Gaga had on her nails on the recent cover of V Magazine) over Chanel Particuliere.  I wanted to do a “camel” shade…somehow it came out really gray.  (Greige?)  If anyone has any recommendations for a camel-colored nail polish – I’m all ears!

Aldo Accessories padlock bag that I bought in Hawaii last February…I think.  It’s really held up considering I use it every day and it’s manmade leather, though the edges are looking a little worn.

This week is going to be insane for me, as we’re having Lil Tot’s 5th birthday party this Saturday, and he’s expecting a Mario Kart cake, complete with pipes, chomping flowers, trees, and Mario racing Luigi and Yoshi.  (Every year I make him a really involved cake.  This might be my most ambitious undertaking yet! …And if I fail, you’ll probably be seeing it on Cakewrecks.;-)

What are everyone else’s plans for the week?

Fall Fall FallFallFall!!  (better rake rake rakerakerake…??)


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