Fur-Hooded Army Coat: DIY.  Infinity Cashmere Scarf: Steve Madden.  Striped sweater: unknown.  Silver Wings Necklace: DIY.  The Diva Fit Trouser Jean: Old Navy.  I Love NY Tote: DIY.

Day 20 in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 20.

Shoot day!  I’ve been working on props, graphic design, and production design for the pilot for this web series called SET THEORY (website should be up and running soon).  It’s been a hectic couple weeks, but I managed to pull it together for the shoot this Saturday.

It was awesome.  We were shooting at a farm and had a helicopter, Christmas cows, a couple of RVs, people in alien masks, and a flat that I dressed as a video store (okay, I had some help:-).  It was great to spend time with a bunch of creative people and remember how much I loved working on set for a shoot (I’ve worked in production on indie films and commercials, and in casting for some TV series before.)  It’s always a lot of work but super-fun!  You know when your nails end up completely grimy by the end of the day that you’ve done a good day’s work.;-)

So since we were in an open barn or partially outside for most of the shoot, and since it’s November in Oregon and I was out on a farm, I needed to dress appropriately.  The jacket I bought from Forever 21 while ago, and had been planning to add fur trim to the hood since I felt it was a little plain without.

Tutorial on adding fur trim to hoods coming soon!

I won’t show you the hat I was wearing (it’s a doggy face).  Or the shoes I was wearing (which were a pair of knockoff Uggs that got really dirty).

A tote bag made out of an “I LOVE NY” t-shirt.  It was so fast to make! 

The tutorial for this will be in the next issue of Cut Out + Keep’s “Snippets.”  Stay tuned!

The necklace I made from a pair of cheap wing earrings from Claire’s, adding them to a chain.  I always wanted a pair of angel wings necklace, but I had this really specific idea of what I wanted and I couldn’t find what I was looking for in stores…so I just made it.  Nails are alternating Maybelline Wet Shine in Juicy Tomato and a coral color from the 100yen shop in Japan that I don’t think I’ve EVER worn up until now.  I’m really liking these candy-style nails!!

I’m off to dress a set!

What I was in charge of on-set:

The video store set – starting off, it was just a black wall and counter.  (I wasn’t sure if it was okay to show the actress’s face in this photo or not…)

Plus the theatre background.  Again, it was just a plain wooden wall, and we added fire alarms, a curtain, wires, and some notes.  I also made the Shakespearean hat sitting on the stool.

I got to wear a luchador mask and push a broom as a Extra, too.

The helicopter was cool.

I can’t wait to see how they edit everything together…and how my Luchador janitor performance was!!


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