Handmade gold scarab beetle necklace
Flutter-sleeve vintage polyester dress
Gold wood-handle clutch (Accessorize.com; similar here)
Vintage watches, unknown gold cuff bangles
DIY coin bracelet
Gold cage heels (from Target like 5 years ago)

This dress was my mom’s from the 70’s or so.  She gave it to me about ten years ago and I rotate it into my outfits now and again.  Sometimes I feel the open circle below the bust is just showing too much skin for my liking; other times I’m okay with it.  For some reason I keep returning to it since the silhouette is sexy without giving too much away. (except in that little circle 😉

I saw this scarab beetle pendant on Etsy awhile ago.  Always being someone to try to make something for less than it costs to buy, I sourced the scarab beetle stamping online, and added a chain I had.  I kind of like that it’s loose on the jumprings that slide back and forth on its forearms!

I also saw this coin bracelet by Yochi Design in Lucky magazine in 2003 or something.  (sorry I can’t find the original clipping – it’s somewhere; I just don’t feel like going through all my mag clippings right now)  I just had to make one of my own – from coin pendants from the bead supply store.  (I had to weave thin wire around the coins to accommodate hanging a bead below the coins, since they weren’t double-drilled and I had no way of drilling them at home.)  I was pretty pleased with the results.


Feeling disco fever, I tell ya!

On another note, I’ve just finished stuffing all the Easter eggs for Lil Tot, setting up the baskets with goodies, chomping on the carrots we’ve left out for the Easter bunny, and placing an Easter sticker on the note Lil Tot left for our long-awaited visitor (to prove the Bunny dropped by).  I’ll be getting up tomorrow morning before the sun is up to hide the eggs all around the backyard.  Why go to all this trouble?  The simple, sweet look of joy on Lil Tot’s face as he rushes downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny has visited.  Such a wonderful moment – truly there is none like it. 

(Tho, as a parent, I wonder if, a few years down the line, my elaborate attempts to infuse such a sense of wonder and magic into holidays may make Lil Tot resent me when he finds out the Easter Bunny never existed at all and his mother was just deluding him.  I don’t remember realizing when the Easter Bunny/Santa Claus/the Tooth Fairy didn’t exist; so for me, there’s no memory of such a betrayal…but do any of you?  Just curious.)


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