(DIY mirror shard necklace, Le Petit Bateau t-shirt, handmade satin bow belt, Spiral Girl tulle skirt, Ruche wedge heels)

Inspired by Alex & Chloe’s Black Cave Necklace from their Tar Collection, I decided to make my own. (I posted the tutorial here.) I mean, who needs mirrored acrylic and a lasercutter when scissors and mirrored plastic will do??

Le Petit Bateau tees fit and feel like a dream. Not quite sure where to buy them retail near me, though. This one was bought in Japan, so the care label’s in Japanese and French. Funny.

I made my own version of the Louis Vuitton Spring 2003 bow belt way, way back when. Mine I made a puffy little stuffed bow and covered button. It has a hidden snap. Tell me, why does Dritz not sell stiff belting material in 1″ widths??? Are they nuts, starting at 1 1/2″???

Spiral Girl tulle skirt that I picked up at the Spiral Girl store in Honolulu. It’s lined in satin, a big plus when it comes to ballerina-esque skirts (which usually aren’t lined). I love that it’s blue, which is kind of unusual.

For this photo, I borrowed the feet of an 80-year-old woman. I thought they would look nice, and Gaussian Blur definitely doesn’t do them justice. These shoes are uber-cute though, and comfortable since the heel isn’t super-high. Unfortunately, ShopRuche doesn’t sell them anymore!!:-(

Whee! And no you can’t see London!

Hope all you lovely ladies (and lone gentleman reader??) are having a great summer!



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