Multicolor Crystal Ear Cuff: from Japan, similar here. Striped Short Sleeve Top: JOA. Striped Skirt: JOA. Mixed Media Bib Necklace: DIY (tutorial here), similar for sale here. Skinny Railroad Spike Bangle: Giles & Brother. Hard-Sided Blue Clutch: ASOS, similar here. Silver Sequin Wrap Sandals: Old Navy (old, similar here and get free shipping with JUSTBECAUSE)

7.29.14outfit_walking2I just couldn’t stop thinking about stripes for Summer after posting my first Chic for the Week installment 2 weeks ago, especially when rendered in that gorgeous ballroom-length full skirt. So of course I snapped up a low-cost steal to fuel my stripe-lust: this JOA skirt from Shopbop.

7.29.14outfit_wide27.29.14outfit_walking4 Which looks just delicious when paired with a similarly-striped JOA top, DIY necklace, simple bangle bracelets, and a cute clutch.

7.29.14outfit_cu7.29.14outfit_walking1Which is nice and breezy for these hot Summer days, and yet still looks dressed-up for an evening get-together or barbecue or event. (Though I’d recommend a slip under the skirt since the tulle is a little scratchy.) It billows out amazingly when walking, and gives that much-needed princessy feel to an otherwise basic outfit.7.29.14outfit_walking57.29.14outfit_cu2I felt the whole outfit needed a little bit more boldness and geometry, so I paired my DIY Mixed Media Bib Necklace on top. It feels somewhat Presidential (though maybe I’ve just been watching too much Scandal and my judgment is cloudy.)7.29.14outfit_necklace7.29.14outfit_wide7.29.14outfit_face7.29.14outfit_face2This week Lil Tot is in Science Summer Camp and learning about Jupiter (one moon is named Lo, apparently) and making sundials out of twigs (he calls it his “Stick-Clock”). The beginning of my week was full of meetings but now the rest of the week is uncharacteristically open. I signed up for a fruit and vegetable basket with Bountiful Baskets Co-Op and am looking forward to my first basket on Saturday (which may be full of 20 lbs. of zucchini and one gigantic Durian fruit for all I know since there wasn’t a specific description of the basket contents I paid for). And this outfit will be my perfect farmer’s market outfit to wear for the pickup, albeit with a large empty box and a couple of canvas bags in tow for all my zucchini and stinkfruit.7.29.14outfit_walking3

Hope everyone’s having a great week so far! Ready to say goodbye to July yet?

7.29.14outfit_wide4P.S. Lil Tot (my 8-year-old little boy) took all these photos himself! [Under much duress.] Perhaps he is a future photog in the making…?




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