I have such a thing for accessories, and Japanese magazines such as Vivi never fail to supply an endless source of ideas and inspiration.  Always torn between whimsically feminine and punky/edgy, I constantly vascillate back and forth in my own outfits…but when it comes to frilly, flowery, and girly pieces Japanese mags always beat the rest.  This flowered hair clip (similar to one featured in Vivi May 2010) is super-easy to make, but lends a pretty and feminine vibe to anything you’re wearing.

You Need:

 *silk flowers (mine were cornflowers, daisies, and forsythia…and a white plum or something but I’m not sure)
*tiny white seed beads
*stiff black felt
*hair clip


*hot glue gun + glue stick
*hand-sewing needle
*black thread
*craft glue


1. Separate the silk flowers from their stems.

If the flowers have jutting base stems, cut those off.

2. Cut a small piece of the felt in a oval shape.  Mine was about 4″ long by 3″ wide.

3. Spread a tiny amount of craft glue around the center of the main daisy.  Use a toothpick to position the seed beads in a ring around the center.  (You could also potentially do this after you’ve glued the daisy to the felt base, but I found it easier to do it first.)  Allow to dry.

4. Use a needle and thread to anchor the hair clip to the felt oval.  (Remove the center prong first and then loop the thread around the clip base.)

5. Spread some hot glue on the underside of a flower and press onto the felt.  Add more flowers, clustering them close together. If the petals begin to separate, add more hot glue in-between the layers of petals.

Use the toothpick to prevent the petals from tangling on one another. 

6. Trim the edges of the felt base so it can’t be seen from the front.

And that’s it!  Soft, slightly curled hair works best with this piece – or you could try this in front of a ponytail (again, going for the soft look).

If you want more security, you could also make this attached to a thin headband, or add a pin-back to use it as a corsage pin on a jacket or a bag.

I’d love to see your combination of flowers and colors on this little piece!
Happy DIY’ing!


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