I happened upon an amazing deal a little while back on the HauteLook website.  I’ve never actually purchased anything from them before.  (What I can say is they ship a LOT faster than RueLala or Ideeli, considering purchases from them have taken 4-6 weeks to arrive.)  Now there’s so many “members-only” sample sale sites that I’ve pretty much lost track, and a lot of the good stuff sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.

The week in question they were having a sale for Shoes: $100 and Under, which are pretty much magic words to my ears;-)  Normally I would have trouble finding something in my fairly common 7.5 shoe size, but this time I happened upon the most gorgeous pair of Velvet Angels shoes – and just kept refreshing the screen repeatedly, muttering little prayers all the while.

And finally, 7.5 was in stock!

I snapped up these beautiful Optima Wedges, original retail price $295, for just over $60.  Unbelievable!

And what was more unbelievable to me when they arrived was the quality.  Beautiful crinkled leather, unique molded mirrored platform, footbed with velvet-covered metatarsal padding, and a sheer weight to them that “felt” like luxury (which I know is really just a concept, but bear me out).  Plus they came in a lovely sliding box, just like a little drawer, ready to go in my closet.

I can’t wait to showcase these in an outfit!  I’m thinking a little romper…and something handmade… we’ll just have to wait and see!

Of course, the Peanut Gallery just had to take them out for a spin before I could.;-)

I think maybe I should go a size down?

If you’d like to join HauteLook and snag a similar “Wheeeee!” -inducing find for yourself, feel free to use my invite below:

Upcoming sales for this week include (Tuesday 8/17) Kate Somerville, t-bags, Custo Barcelona; (Wednesday 8/18) Sue Wong, Christopher Kon; (Thursday 8/19) Splendid, sky, and Fall Trends from Lucky Magazine (which I’m just dying to peek at!!)

Hope everyone’s having a great start to their weeks!


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