shoebands1Note: Though this is a somewhat long and rambling post about shoe adornment, I do include a quick-and-easy DIY for the shoe elastics above.  Scroll down for the tutorial!

As evidenced by the above Polyvore I made, elastic-banded pumps are in, in, in! I love how the black stretchy part over the upper contrasts so sharply with a shiny patent.

But I get the weird feeling that these will also be passe in a couple seasons. What to do??? I love that in Japan they’ve taken the idea of shoe-adornment to a whole ‘nother level with shoes that feature removable bands so you can change up your look whenever you get bored.

Even though the above shoes were in a magazine a couple years ago (!), you can buy the bands separately, in red, holographic silver, white, brown, gold, or black, for about $9 a pair here. If I started making sets – like a set of 3 pairs – and sold them for $12, do you think they would catch on in the States?

The concept of shoe bands is kinda similar to shoe clips, but just…bands. If you opt to adorn the top of your boot, then maybe Bandits are for you!  They carry a number of different styles, not just the Southwestern-inspired motif pictured above.

Bandit boot chains above. Adding to DIY list pronto.
Their boot chains are completely covetable, and a lookalike of LitterSF‘s boot chains, only about $20 cheaper. But I digress.


Shoe bands! Right. So why buy when you can…

You guessed it!


D.I.Y. Removable Shoe Elastics…Cause Why Not??!

(This is soooo simple!)

I have the skinniest, boniest feet ever. I know.

shoebands4You need:
*your favorite pair of heeled shoes
*about 8″ elastic
*sewing machine
*thread matching elastic color

(sorry, no photos…but you can definitely figure it out!!)
1. Start by puting on the pair of shoes you want to adorn with elastics. Wrap a piece of thick elastic around the upper part of your foot (halfway onto your arch). The band needs to go all the way around the pump and overlap about a 1/2″ on the underside, in front of the heel. Make sure it’s tight so it won’t slip down (just not too tight since we don’t want to crush our foot bones!).

2. Cut elastic to correct length.

3. Sew on a sewing machine – just reinforcing the overlap area on the elastic.

shoepointySee? The meeting of the two ends is at an angle – NOT straight on.

I’ve found they work best when the elastic overlaps at an angle – NOT one side meeting the other side exactly – to accommodate the curve of your foot. Repeat for other elastic.

Only really necessary for 1.5″ wide elastic like this; for the thinner types of elastic it doesn’t really matter.

Presto! It’s like you have a whole new pair of shoes!

shoebands3And I also tried adding thinner elastic to the ends of silver vinyl belting for a different look…and sparkly silver ribbon for yet a third look. Both have thinner pieces of elastic sewn onto the ends of the contrasting ribbons. (The elastic is only about 1.5″ long in-between, for the underlay part and to allow the band to slide over the widest part of the shoe at the toe.)

You could do virtually anything! Chain overlaid onto ribbon…frilly ribbon with grosgrain in the center…a line of sequins…anything at all!

shoebands4Happy DIY’ing!


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