I know, right? Again????

Full disclosure: I am in Hawaii now and desperately trying to catch up on posting all my New York Fashion Week coverage from my laptop that I was silly enough to bring with me.

Hub’s best friend had his wedding February 12.  His brother has his wedding March 6.  Both decided to have their weddings in Hawaii.

So what does one do?  Decide to only go for one of the weddings?  (You’d have to go to your brother’s, obviously.)  Go for the first one, stay in Hawaii 4 weeks, go for the second one, then go home?  Or go to Hawaii for the first wedding, fly back, the go back to Hawaii a few weeks later?

Well, that’s kind of how it worked out for us (except for me going to New York Fashion Week in-between).  It turned out the roundtrip plane tickets for all of us were way cheaper than the cost of daily meals, hotel, pets’ boarding fees, missed school for Lil Tot, etc., so we decided to fly back to Portland in-between.

Basically we had a week in-between our flights.  I’m a little tired of living out of a suitcase by now!

(H&M DIY’ed destroyed sweater, Old Navy lame-knit tanktop, unknown brand bag from Pineapple County, Forever21 rhinestone bracelets and double-wrap belt, Norma Kamali for Spiegel convertible minidress worn as a skirt, Wet Seal gold chain flats)

Bought the H&M sweater while in New York and because it had a small hole in it I was able to get it at a whole 10% off discount the original $26 price.  [wooo.  Not.]  So I unraveled ladders in it a bit more, ended up with it looking really cool and Raquel Allegra‘d…and then snagged it moments after this photo was taken on my bracelets, thus altering it from an intentionally-destroyed sweater…to a sweater that just looked like I’d pulled it out of the trash.  Not good.

I finally figured out what these skull studs are a knockoff of – Thomas Wylde‘s designs!  It was bugging the hell out of me.  I found this bag for $40 at Pineapple County last…last week when I was in Honolulu, and today when I was browsing in the store the salesgirl asked me if she could start wrapping up my bag for purchase.  Problem with stores that sell affordable, cute merchandise: sales staff is usually clueless LOL.

I’ll be leaving…on a jet plane soon. Again. Arrrgh!

Day after the “tsunami” and everything is fine here – just a little windy.



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