If it’s bright enough, tight enough or eye-poppingly printed enough, odds are it’ll work on any figure. Crystal Renn, model and author of Hungry, and Jacquelyn Jablonski, spring’s new star, show off the season’s most sizzling looks

Photography by Terry Richardson; Styling by Mel Ottenberg
In case you are interested, the models’ measurements are as follows:

Jacquelyn: 5’9″….32-24-34 

Crystal Renn: 5’9″…36-31-41


On first glance, I thought they did this shoot with only Crystal – then photoshopped her skinny to create the left photo – I honestly didn’t think they were 2 different people at first!

It’s interesting to note that they are both the same height – but to me, Crystal looks shorter. I guess the skinnier you are, the taller you look. But it’s just an optical illusions! (Is it just me? Maybe it’s just me.) Plus, Crystal’s bust size is only 4″ larger than Jacquleyn’s….but her waist AND hips are 7″ larger. Strangely, she doesn’t look it – in fact, she just looks proportionately larger overall, not just larger in the waist/hip area.
I think they both look pretty smokin’ and high-fashion…and for me, it also took a moment to realize that the two girls are two different sizes since everything else is so similar in the shoot.One of the reasons why Crystal Renn is so successful as a “plus-size” model is that she is proportionately plus-size…i.e., her weight is distributed throughout her body evenly and isn’t bunched up in one place (unlike the majority of us when we gain weight…most gain it in a couple places, not evenly throughout) and this, I think, visually makes her appealing. (I think that the human attraction to symmetry and proportion trumps the human attraction to skinniness every time.) She looks toned and fabulous & I’m not saying she is fat or anything – she just looks a little larger overall than the model on the left.

I can’t wait for her book, Hungry: A Young Model’s Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves to come out in paperback so I can snag myself a copy!

So what do we all think? (I think it licks the Glamour Magazine November 2009 Issue plus-sized model spread into a cocked hat, personally.) High-fashion vs. nakedness?? More please!

-Carly J. Cais


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