Spike Rhinestone Earrings: Forever 21 (similar here). Chiffon-Back Sweater: TWNROOM (Japanese brand). Silver Charm Slide Bangle: c/ o PERSONA. Lock n Roll Bracelet: c/ o Charming Charlie. Watch: Swarovski Citizen Eco-Drive. Fitbit Flex in Slate. Paint Splatter T-Shirt: Alloy (old). Silver Envelope Clutch: H&M (similar here). Ankle Zipper Jeans: DIY of Alloy Truck Jeans (following tutorial here). Picaspike Studded Bow Rain Boots: Dizzy (a HauteLook purchase, available here; similar here).

outfit5.6.14_cu2 I can’t believe it’s May already. It doesn’t feel like the school year is almost over. But it is.

outfit5.6.14_cu3I’ve finally ditched my Winter overcoat in favor of a hoodie most days, but today I decided to take a major fashion risk for me and wear a sweater. Just a sweater, with nothing over it. I know. A MAJOR risk. I get cold easily.

outfit5.6.14_back2So glad to have picked up this sweater when I was in Japan during March – I was taking care of my Mom, who had been hospitalized, then I caught strep throat and was in bed a week with a high fever. Two days before I left I HAD to go check out the shops – I hadn’t been anywhere except the grocery store, the drug store, the post office, my mom’s work, and the hospital for over 3 weeks. So with my mom okay and working from home, I had a 3-hour excursion to Shinjuku AND Shibuya…and boy was I fast. I had to cram a year’s worth of browsing, touching, looking, taking photos, and trying on into only 3 hours! I had already set my sights to buy a chiffon-bottom sweater whilst I was there…but couldn’t find one that was within my budget. I found this chiffon-backed sweater instead: the chiffon concealed with a prudent zip at the back. You could always DIY something similar (I’m thinking). Plus I may just go ahead and add some chiffon to the bottom, but that may be overkill. We’ll see.outfit5.6.14_full4outfit5.6.14_backoutfit5.6.14_full2outfit5.6.14_handsPicked up this silver envelope clutch from H&M for a whopping $3 last month. You could always make your own version following my tutorial here, but hey, $3 can’t be beat. It’s a little beat-up though.

outfit5.6.14_full3I’ve lost weight recently and so finally fit back into these jeans again – which were in my “Clothes I’m TOOOOOOOOOOO Fat For” bag in my closet. I had totally forgotten about these, but I was thrilled to pull them out and fit into them again. It’s been about 4 years since I was able to wear them, so that was awesome. I had customized them with some zips in the ankles, and walked around all day feeling like my legs were peeled bananas. With the peels flapping around my ankles. I know, you have to experience it to understand.

Now I’m off to stand in line for 24354373 hours at the LEGO store, since it’s Free LEGO Build-a-Model Day and Lil Tot has his heart set on building a dragon. Hopefully my Dizzy boots will hold up! (Tip: bring a skateboard to sit on and just roll as the line moves. Plus homework. Lots and LOTS of homework.)

outfit5.6.14_full1Off to build a dragon now.


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