Czech crystal stud earrings: Icing by Claire’s

Sterling 3-star necklace: unknown [from Japan]

Bird-Printed Dress: Miss Selfridge (from last year)

Star-printed tank: unknown [from Japan]

Rings: blue beaded – handmade by me; silver w/ rhinestones – Payless; gold band w/ rhinestone – Icing by Claire’s

Ruched clutch purse: Rampage (a recent Hautelook purchase)

Dark-rinse jeggings: Forever 21

Blue trouser socks: Target

Black Qupid perforated wedge booties: UrbanOg (same version no longer available though:-(

I’m having MAJOR computer problems.

Ever since I started this outfit-posting thing, my iPhoto library has increased exponentially – and now I’m at the point where my hard drive is pretty much full.  My computer’s pretty old (as computers go, I guess – 2006), so the question now is whether to get a new computer or just install more memory.  I’ve pretty much filled my available 319 GB!!  Thus iPhoto, which is chewing up the most memory on me, is taking a year and a day to actually do anything.  Which is why this post, which should have only taken 20 minutes this evening, has taken me the last 3+ hours and counting.

When I pulled this bag out of my closet I found a silk boutonniere tangled in it – this was what my husband wore at our wedding.  I had saved it, and somehow it got caught on the edge of my bag.  I liked the Springy effect, so I left it.  Sometimes serendipity just works, you know?

These booties are amaaazing.  I bought them just 3 short weeks ago from…and already they’re sold out.  I was absolutely floored by how comfortable they are (considering how cheap they were – $29!)…the footbed is fully padded, and I wore them all day without any trouble whatsoever.  I had been going back and forth over whether to get the brown ones, since I have so many black wedges already…but then the brown ones sold out and my choice was made for me.  For some reason they really say “Spring” to me, don’t ask me why.:-)

It was the first warm day Portland has had in a long, long time.  I pulled out my Miss Selfridge’s bird-print dress that I bought last year (I personally think it’s a little short for me to be worn as a dress), and layered a star-print tank underneath for the contrast in pattern.  You can’t really see it in the photos, but it’s there.

My 5-year-old is always thrilled when Mommy has her photo sessions on the deck, and always loves to jump in them.  Today he wanted to play photographer, and actually managed to take the above two photos…whilst grappling with a camera almost bigger and heavier than he was.  He eventually had to just lay it on the floor and tilt it upwards to take any shots, hence the interesting angle.  Perhaps he’s giving my husband [my usual outfit photographer] a run for his money?? LOL

I’m trying to watch what I eat and overhaul my diet lately (jeans aren’t fitting so well…), so no junk food pour moi.  I made a lemon peel and blueberry loaf today for my boys…it took a great exercise of my willpower not to partake in it. /* ^ *  (Though I did eat a few crumbs off my son’s shirt as he dropped them while he was chowing down on his piece…)

Okay, I just admitted to eating food off someone’s shirt.;-P  I better hit the sack before I make any other strange admissions LOL…Hope everyone’s having a great week so far!



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