done2*This is a project I shared in Snippets Magazine: The New York Issue on Cut Out + Keep in 2010, and am re-posting here on my blog.

inspiration1inspiration2Serena sported this beautiful vintage-style necklace in an early episode of the addictive Gossip Girl TV series. Its charm was its modern take on the beautiful art of crochet – and the delicate balance between darkness and fragility. Plus, with some appliques from the sewing store it’s a cinch to make. Here’s how:

You Need:

materialsblack crochet appliques or a length of crochet trim enough to go around your neck  /  black teardrop-shaped beads  /  silver headpins  /  silver jumprings  /  necklace closure (clasp + spring ring + 2 jumprings + extender chain)  /  scissors  /  round nose pliers  /  chain nose pliers  /  wire cutters

1. Experiment with placement of the appliques around your neck (or a friend’s), and stitch the ends together to create a single piece. (If you’re using crocheted trim, you won’t need to do this.) step2
2. Add jumprings and the closure to the back of the necklace.step3 step4
3. Count out how many beads you need, and thread a headpin into each of them. step5
4. Create a wire-wrapped loop for each bead using the following method:
a) Use the chain-nose pliers to bend the pin at an angle to the bead.step6
b) Grip near the bend with the round nose pliers, and twist the wire around to make a loop. step7

c) Keeping the round nose pliers in the loop, use the chain-nose pliers to twist the end of the wire once around itself, just below the loop you made. step8
d) Trim off the end of the wire with your wire-cutters, leaving about 3/16″ to spare. step9
e) Twist the remaining end of the wire below the first twist, so it is not protruding. step10 step11
5. Attach each bead to the crocheted neckpiece with the jumprings so the beads dangle and catch the light as you move.done1
And that’s it! Wear with a low-cut dress or top to show off all of that dark sparkle at your neck. 😉done3
Happy DIY’ing!



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