0.diyepoxyclaypendants_introphotoBack when I worked on the May campaign with Martha Stewart Jewelry, I actually made a couple of pieces while playing around with the treasure trove of supplies I was sent. (Only my DIY Enamel Spring Flower Bib Necklace made it to the blog for the campaign post.) But I also made a few other pieces with the extra supplies (like the DIY Ombre Filigree Earrings I shared here.)

Now here is another fun project using Epoxy Clay (and it doesn’t have to be Martha Stewart brand – any brand will do) and gold leafing, that produces a very chic and polished result. String these lightweight pendants on graduated chains for a pretty, layered piece. Here’s how:

You Need:diyepoxyclaypendants_materials1

2-part epoxy clay in white  /  Martha Stewart Crafts silicone push mold of owl and leaves  /  gold screw eyes  /  olive oil  / silicone-tipped tool (optional, not pictured)  /  pin (not pictured)

diyepoxyclaypendants_materials2gold leafing kit (leaf + adhesive)  /   chain-cutting pliers (not pictured)  /   pliers  /  jump rings  /  jumpring tool  /  dry paintbrush (not pictured)  /  spray fixative or sealant  /  chains and closure (not pictured)  /  nail file or sandpaper (not pictured)

How To:

diyepoxyclaypendants_step1 1. Spread olive oil in the push mold so your finished pieces will pop out easily, and spread it on your fingers.

diyepoxyclaypendants_step22. Mix the epoxy clay according to directions.

3. Push a small amount into the mold cavities for the charms you would like to make. Use a silicone-tipped tool to really press the clay into the mold to pick up the small details.

diyepoxyclaypendants_step34. Place a small amount of olive oil on your finger and use it to smooth the backs of the pendants.

5. Pop the pieces out of the mold when they’re still slightly soft (but hard enough to hold their shapes).

6. Use a pin to create a small hole in the top of each charm.

7. Push an screw eye into the top of each charm, and attach a jump ring to the screw eye.diyepoxyclaypendants_step5(Add some more epoxy clay on the back if it protrudes, smoothing with olive oil.)

diyepoxyclaypendants_step48. Allow the charms to dry fully.diyepoxyclaypendants_step6

9. File off any rough edges on your charms with a nail file or sandpaper.

diyepoxyclaypendants_step710. Once the charms are dry, apply leafing adhesive haphazardly to the relief of the surfaces.

11. Apply gold leafing sheets, and use a dry paintbrush to brush off excess leaf. Don’t forget the sides of the charms!

12. Spray fixative or sealant on the charms to prevent the leaf from rubbing off.

diyepoxyclaypendants_step813. String the charms onto chains. (I made 2 chains, one that sat just at my collarbone, and one slightly longer. I attached both chains to the same jumprings at the ends and added a single clasp to create a permanent multi-layered necklace.diyepoxyclaypendants_done1 diyepoxyclaypendants_done2  You’re done!

diyepoxyclaypendants_done4Wear with polished button-downs for a business-like accessory, or layer with even more chains over a loose T-shirt for a fun warm weather accessory.

diyepoxyclaypendants_done3Happy DIY’ing!


FTC Disclosure: The supplies for this project came from a paid campaign for Martha Stewart Jewelry and The BluePrint Social; however, this project was not shared as part of the campaign. I received no compensation for this project. My full Disclosure Policy is here.



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