done_frontThese sunglasses (a dupe of the Alexander Wang for Linda Farrow zipper sunglasses) are a bit fiddly to make, but the results are totally impressive!  My tutorial was featured in Free Magazine, the official magazine of Club 18-30.

Those of us stateside may not be familiar with Club 18-30, but for our friends across the pond it’s sort of known as Europe’s version of Club Med (except catering to a younger clientele, hence the name).



My DIY Alexander Wang Sunglasses have been featured in the Summer 2010 issue, which is available in all Club 18-30 destinations from May – October.  (Available in 10 countries, including Bulgaria, Crete, Cyprus, Turkey, and Ibiza.)

Unfortunately they spelled my name wrong (there’s no U in it) – but ohwell!  A feature’s a feature!

Since I submitted this in February, in the meantime Style Hurricane also DIY’ed her own version using a real zipper around the edge of the sunglasses.

My version is a lot more labor-intensive, but I was going for as exact a copy as possible.:-)  Whichever way you go, now these fabulous designer-style sunnies can be yours at a fraction of the price!

Happy DIY’ing!



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