It’s getting super-hot out here in Portland, and I’ve graduated to as little clothing as possible during these sweltering afternoons.  T-shirts?  Check.  Short-shorts?  Check.  Drapey dresses?  Check.  And fun accessories?  In abundance!  Here are a couple tutorials that have been on my radar this week, that can all help add to your Summer wardrobe:

About time someone DIY’d that Neon Cambridge Satchel that’s been making the street style photo rounds!  Tutorial from Glitter ‘N Glue, and boy is bright, fun, and perfect for Summer!

And speaking of neon, try out this Neon Shirt Dress by The Fuji Files.  It’s a great way to upcycle a boring old button-down blouse!

Sweet Verbena has a beautifully-photographed tutorial for a DIY Sequin Mini Skirt.  So disco fab!

Looks Like Spilt Milk also posted her version of a Knit Jersey Dress with Satin Tie (from an original tutorial by Sweet Verbena).  It looks so easy but beautifully chic!

For more lovely dresses, try this Side Tulip Hemline Tunic Tutorial by Merrick’s Art.  Drafted from a shirt you may already have in your closet, this is a great go-to for days you want to be comfy but look a little polished, too.

Turn a polo shirt into a chic little skirt with this T-Shirt to Skirt Refashion tutorial by Second Chances by Susan.  What an ingenious idea, to turn the shirt upside-down and use the neckline for the back slit!

DIY 10 Minute Cardigan from Sweater by Vanilla Joy is a great little project using hem tape for a quick finished cardigan upgrade to an old sweater.

Looking for something to keep you dry during those sudden Summer showers?  Look no further than A Pair & A Spare‘s DIY Transparent Cape!  How cool is that project (made with the help of Scotch Duct Tape)?  And check out all the other Scotch tape DIYs on their website as well while you’re at it!

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