I guess with summer in full swing everyone’s out and about, and not so able to get projects together.  I had hoped that this time we’d have even more projects to share with one another, but this time there were only 11.:-(

But in any case, I had a great time visiting all your blogs and checking out your pieces.  You’re all so creative!  Here are the top 3, as measured by user clicks:’

I swear, it looks JUST like ready-to-wear.  What a fabulous, chic job!

My first thought was “turtles?”  Then I see they’re the pendants at the bottom.  Very cool.

and, for the top slot, 

This is super-cute and I love the Victor/Victoria vibe.  She could totally sell these and rake in the cash!

Thank you so much for sharing, and please enter any other projects you have in my next DIY roundup!

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