Rolling 3 weeks into 1, what with computer mishaps, being super-busy with work, and school projects seeming to take over my life.  But you guys have all been up to some fabulous DIYs, so let’s check them out!

I’m in love with these decked-out DIY Deko heels by Youtube user 01b0o!  How snazzy are they – and think of the possibilities of pattern and design with crystals on your shoes!

Though technically not a DIY tutorial blog, ReFashionista has posted daily for 366 days her refashions of ugly thrift store garments (and even – gasp! – her wedding dress).  Get some great ideas for refashioning, remaking, and upcycling your own way out of outdated hell.  (And for more inspiration, see New Dress a Day, who’s also currently doing the same thing!)

Chictopian Headbandit discusses the DIY Controversy: in short, DIY vs. knockoffs, and how fashion bloggers play who create DIY tutorials deal with it.  A must-read!

Did you know?  A piece of fabric + a bangle = endless cute dress combinations for Summer! Watch the video by Youtube user DWDShoes here.

Now, to get on with the t-shirt refashions…

Bust Magazine turns an oversized T into a racerback tank.   Reminds me of …love, Maegan‘s DIY Jersey Tank tutorial…hey, great minds, right?!

Speaking of DIY’ing your tee, why not try Refinery29‘s take on the DIY Cut-Out T-shirt?  Cool, breezy, and a little bit edgy, it looks fab over an outfit or as a beach cover-up…and I love how they offered up some styling possibilities too!

Revamp your basic white tee with Short of Something‘s tutorial on striped tie-dyeing.  I love the results – and all you need are binder clips, plastic wrap, and rubber bands!  Ingenious.

To round up my collection on T-shirt refashioning tutorials (seriously, it’s the Summer of T-shirt Recon!!), Rookie Mag posted their DIY Ruffled Tees tutorial as well.  Love the girliness of the finished piece!

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