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Welcome to another installment of F.I.L.L.! It’s now been almost a week since I’ve come to Tokyo, and I’m working on cleaning up my computer’s digital innards (which sounds so horrible and TMI in a way), working on some design projects (if “working” means “thinking about vaguely but not actually doing anything on them”), and sorting through my online reading list on Bloglovin (as you may well know, Google reader is going away very soon – so follow Chic Steals here on Bloglovin!). Since I feel I’m finally over the jetlag (*insert a pat on the back here in lieu of doing any other real work otherwise), here are some links online that have caught my eye this past week:

Dream It: Inspiration & Creativity

Yulia Brodskaya’s paper art is so amazing. [Can you tell I’m a little obsesessed with quilling lately??] (ColourLovers)

Appealing to the Renaissance in all of us: Simon Casson’s baroque-style collages are a mixture of past and present. His painting style is so rarely seen nowadays! (

10,000 Letters of Love music video for The Sound of the Ladies made with paper cutouts from a Silhouette Cameo. No words – just spectacular. (How About Orange)

Buy It: Shopping Picks

While in shopping heaven [Tokyo], I may or may not bust my clothing allowance. But I may or may not buy these clear-heeled sandals instead. A girl’s gotta have priorities.

Oh, BaubleBar, why do you taunt me so?? This Spiked Quad Strand is GORGE, but is only available for a limited time. But it’s only $15. Yup. That sort of taunting.

Once again, I am on the hunt for an uber-cute Summer dress. This one fits the bill to a T – and, who can resist lobsters??? I know I can’t.

Make It: DIY

So Father’s Day was last week. So what? Trust me, the man in your life needs a DIY Bow Tie immediately. How incredibly dandy! (

Summer is in full swing and that means: gardening! Check out The Huffington Post’s roundup of DIY Planter Ideas. (Huffington Post)

One of the newest crafting materials on the scene is Mod Melts, made from meltable Mod Podge (!). Check out this adorable DIY Embellished Clutch using Mod Melts. (FabricPaperGlue)

Live It: Lifestyle

Drooling over this yummy recipe for Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. Anything with brown butter is a must in my book! (JoytheBaker)

A response to accusations of buying into fast fashion fads: Your $10 T-Shirt is Not the Problem. A very thoughtful read that addresses the economics of fashion in the United States. (TheBelleJar blog on

So useful for any time anyone snaps a photo of you: How to Look Good in Photos. Ham it up with confidence and employ these tricks to look like a million bucks each time! (FashionISing)

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