Just some DIY- and fashion-related stuff I’ve noticed around the past week…and a couple other links that caught my eye.

*Stuck for a Halloween costume?  Try one of  Flavorpill’s Pop Culture & TV-themed ones.  (Partial nudity & strong language warning!)  They also have a guide for Musician-inspired costumes, which gave me a laugh, too.

*365 days in a year – 365 brand-new dresses…each fashioned from a $1 thrift store dress.  Get some great ideas for refashioning and altering what you already have into stuff that’s cute and wearable at NewDressaDay.com.

*Shwin and Shwin is a new DIY blog I’ve discovered, full of crafty ideas, dresses from scratch (make-it-yourself patterns!), and handmade goodies for the kiddos.

*Why is Eco-Fashion So Expensive?  ecouterre spells it out with the help of Bodkin designer Eviana Hartman.

*I’m still wrestling with the idea of getting more personal on my blog but having trouble with it (I mean, who actually wants to see photos of me in my bra anyway??! LOL) and ProBlogger has some great advice regarding that.  Not about photos of me in my bra, I mean.;-)

*Sea of Shoes is having a Spring Fashion Art Contest.  Perhaps I’ll enter some of my fashion illustrations – and if you’re an illustrator, please enter too! (Deadline= Nov. 1)

*Have you heard of the label DIYCouture?  It’s a clothing collection that provides you with no clothing (!), just a book with instructions on how to make each piece.  The 12 patterns are easy, and you can custom-fit them to your size, choose your own fabrics and notions, and essentially make each piece exactly how you want it.  Stressing that when you make something yourself you value it more, this label strives to bring fashion directly to the consumers and eliminate the disposable nature of mass market clothing. (And at around $14, the book for each pattern is about what I pay at the sewing store for my patterns anyway!)

*On another note, I totally have Portland artist Jon Garcia‘s “The Wedding Song” stuck in my head.  He’s got such a fabulous voice!


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