Thank you all for submitting your projects into my last DIY Roundup!  I know I’m a little late in posting this…but I’ve had trouble staying on track with the ol’ bloggy blog while in Japan, what with the time difference, having to share the computer with 4 other people, and trying to deal with annoying JIS-standard keyboard, which had the apostrophe above the 7 key and the @ mark over on one of the brackets keys.  A very weird setup.

Regardless, I had a great time visiting all your blogs and checking out your pieces.  You’re all so creative!  Here are the top 3, as measured by user clicks:’

I love how incredibly sexy and tough this is.  And her tutorial is so detailed that anyone can make one for themselves!

Gorgeous!  The lavender canvas gives them this sweet girly vibe.  But holy heck, that’s a lot of tacks!

and, for the top slot, 

This is so incredibly like the original I had to look twice.  What a fabulous job!! 

Thank you so much for sharing, and please enter any other projects you have in my next DIY roundup!

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