Hope everyone’s been having a great February so far!  Already 3/4 over and Spring is hopefully on its heels soon.  I’m feeling renewed by a changing in the seasons, and am recently inspired to get my craft on again after combing through the recaps of the NYFW shows.  So what has the Internet been up to in these past couple weeks…?

LookUnderHere created a great tutorial on Youtube for transforming any skirt into something lovely, gathered, and asymmetrical.

How about a lovely Painted Leather Geometric Necklace from Oh the Lovely Things?  I had to look twice to figure out how it was constructed and what it was made of; the metallic leather shapes are amazing.

If you’re looking to add a pop of color into your life (that’s totally revertable if/when you tire of it, Make It and Fake It has the solution with her DIY Reversible Neon Heels.  (Also check out her archive for a number of other great and fashionable DIY projects!!)

DIY Heart Print Tights from The Pineneedle Collective need not just be for Valentine’s Day!  Amazingly, acrylic paint will work fairly well on sheer hose.  Who knew??

A Beautiful Mess made some fabulous DIY Suspenders for a guy…but you could easily make them girly with the usage of different printed elastics!

Chictopians Lipglossandblack posted their DIY Fishtail-Hem Skirt, which is so on-trend and perfect for those in-between days when it’s neither warm nor cold.  Show off some leg and still look demure!

How cute is this Pompon-Edged Scarf from The Purl Bee??  Done up in pretty fabrics, with bright (or pastel) pompon trim, this is such a unique take on the neck-scarf that everyone, from celebs to teens, is sporting lately.

Though I usually don’t post crafts done by Martha Stewart (since craft tutorials from there are re-posted and shared all over the place), I couldn’t help myself with this chunky Dyed Wooden Beads Necklace.  I love how you can vary the colors to make this couture-like look all your own!

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