Inspired by this amazing world of fantasy: In the Land of Grey and Pink, from Jonathan Palfrey’s Flickr Photostream

As you know, I’m digging the grey-and-pink color combo lately, and have been trolling the online stores for some great pieces.  Here are some that have caught my eye recently:

TOP ROW: 1. Amethyst Geode Ring, $16.90 2. ASOS Fine Cord Bead Necklace, $6.63 / 3. Mini Brass Box, $6 / 4. Dollhouse Zoe Wedge, $24.99

MIDDLE ROW: 5. Tokyo Fashion Mesh Maxi Skirt, $32 / 6. Nocturnal Wings Tank, $48 / 7. Diamond Gal Knob, $6 / 8. Tala Tank Top Kit, $79 (Request an Invite for shopping access!)

BOTTOM ROW: 9. GoJane Quilted Patent Clutch, $45.50 / 10. DIY Charm Necklace, $12 / 11. Fantasy Island Pink Floral Print Crop Top, $34


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