Lipstick: MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Intense 37Cat Print Shirt: The Gap.  Pyramid Rose Quartz Necklace: Ann Taylor LOFT (old, bought on Ebay). Spike Rhinestone Necklace: H&M.  Brocade Flare Coat: vintage, label says MINI MINI, from Japan. Suede Skinny Belt: Old Navy (old). Hot Pink Pleated Elastic Skirt: handmade by me (DIY tutorial coming soon!).  Ring-Spine Book Clutch: missing label, from Japan. Charm Silver Party Glitter Low Booties: BCBGeneration, a recent HauteLook purchase.

outfit2.27.13_coatbackI took some time out in the middle of the week to shoot with the amazing photographer Brooke Morse again.

We headed out to one of the piers at Willamette Park, regaled by the early-morning anglers heading to their boats (“Sturgeon Retention from Angling Prohibited,” read one sign, which had us puzzling at these strange, seemingly incongruous words strung together…but once we assured ourselves that we weren’t going to hold on to any sturgeon in the case of angling them, we went ahead and snapped some photos on the picturesque dock).

outfit2.27.13_beltI couldn’t resist kitties on a blouse, so this shirt from The Gap I spied last week practically had my name printed on it.  “Buy me,” it whispered.  “You cannot resist TEH KITTEHS.”  I’m such a crazy, crazy, CRAZY cat lady!!  (Okay, I’ll stop saying that.;-)

This I paired with pops of bright, cheery pink – including the pleated DIY skirt I made awhile ago and alas have still not shared the how-to on this blog just yet.  (But it’s coming, rest assured!!)  I think I’m having a majorly pink moment.


These silver glitter booties by BCBGeneration could easily be DIY’d of course, but they were so affordable on HauteLook that I just saved myself the bother and bought them as-is.  For some reason whenever I wear them, people stop me in the street to compliment them!  (Women AND men…I guess Portland has a secret silver glitter fetish;-)


My brocade MINI MINI coat I found in a vintage shop in Japan in 1998/9 or so…there was this tiny little hole-in-the-wall shop along Takeshita-doori in Harajuku that I had passed a million times without stopping in…but one day when I was spending a lazy Sunday poking in shops I felt this irresistible tug of curiosity towards this place.  I wandered into the dark, tiny shop crammed with used clothing (mostly 70’s-era, I saw to my dismay [I’m not a big fan of styles from that era]), so was just planning on leaving once I did a thorough check of the place to see if there was anything I wanted.  (The proprietor was watching me, so I felt I owed him that much at least.)  And there I found it – the last item, on the last rack, hidden way at the back.  $20, in mint condition.  I slipped it on and was shocked that the shoulders actually fit me (usually Japanese brands aren’t quite wide enough at the shoulders to fit, and the armscyes are too high for me).  It fit like a glove, and so I wore it out of the shop, I was so thrilled.  It was such an amazing find, and it’s my go-to piece for glamourous outerwear on chilly days.


The dock was moving slightly with the ebb and flow of the water, and I had visions of falling in headfirst.  I didn’t on this day, thank goodness!


Hope everyone had a lovely week!  I for one am sooo ready for the weekend:-)outfit2.27.13_walking


Photos all by Brooke Morse.  Visit her website and see her other amazing photos!


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