Tortoiseshell-rimmed Glasses: Forever 21

Cropped Wide Sheer Stripe T-shirt: Forever 21

Rings: Claire’s, Forever 21, Cartier, Tiffany

Black Lace Cami: Old Navy

Skull-studded Bag: unknown (from Pineapple County, Honolulu)

Silk Scarf: unknown (thrifted)

High-waisted Pleated Trousers: (similar hereicon)

Wedge-Heel Espadrille Booties: Percy Boot

I’m just wearing a combination of some of my favorite pieces, almost all of which I’ve worn in photos on this blog before.

It’s absurdly muggy here in Tokyo, and the last couple days since arriving I’ve made the mistake of wearing skirts.  It’s so sticky outside skirts just make my legs feel icky and sweaty, so I figured pants would be a better option.These pants I’ve worn before here – but felt they were a couple sizes too big.  I altered them just before coming to Japan, so they would sit on the high waist.  I now feel the crotch is now an insane one (i.e., too much fabric) but I prefer this shape to what they were before, which was shapeless.Trying out my Priscilla clip-in extensions in “Virgin Straight“.  They blend pretty well with my natural hair color, and feel very soft.Anticipting the insane amount of walking that’s necessary to get around in Tokyo, I stuffed two Dr. Scholl’s gel pads into my choes – the front of foot pad, and the full gel liner.  They help slightly, but it’s still murder on my feet, which are not conditioned to wearing heels for a long period of time.  There was the time when I commuted to school by I walked to the station (20 minutes away), ran up and down numerous flights of stairs between stations, stood on the trains, and walking to school – then walking around campus all day – then doing the same in reverse at the end of the day – wearing 6-inch platform heels and not tripping, falling, or changing out my shoes once.  Ah, those were the days.I found this lovely silk scarf at Goodwill.  I’m usually turned off by “classic” designs like the Gucci-esque chain motifs on scarves, but I loved the colors of this piece.  It’s so long.

Hope everyone’s having a great start to the week!



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