I’ve actually been up on Mt. Hood all weekend since my in-laws have arrived to stay for the week and they always want to go on a trip out to Timberline when they visit.  I could have done without it (considering I’ve had a bad head cold and sinus infection since last week), but when when the in-laws are in town, there’s not much choice in the matter.  Besides, I was hoping the skiing practice would help Lil Tot, who has been taking snowboarding lessons on and off through the Winter, but still isn’t a very confident skiier.  (Of course he has a head cold and sinus infection too – which is where I got mine – so he wasn’t up to much activity either.)

But he tried and even managed to ski by himself a little bit on the flat parts!

We managed to ski down a green slope yesterday without incident, but today Hub and the in-laws insisted on going up to the top of the mountain because they were bored with the kiddie slopes.  Splitting up was not an option either, and so I worked super-hard to push a 6-year-old who can’t turn down a very steep, sloping mountain on fresh powder. 

I can’t believe I didn’t put my foot down and refuse to try skiing this.  Look at that slope!!

But a quarter of the way down I went over a hardened ball of powder, my left leg started sliding away from me, and Lil Tot (wedged in-between my skis) pushed outwards with his legs, and we went down in a big heap.  My left leg was wrenched outwards out a weird angle, and when I tried to stand again I found my knee had turned to jelly.  With Lil Tot frantically crying because he thought we’d never be able to get down, I was able to get us [slowly] down to the bottom of the mountain again, and then loop around and back to the lodge.  At least we didn’t have much time left anyway before we had to head home.

My knee is feeling pretty weird, but hopefully a good soaking in a hot bath tonight will help things.  Note to self: when steering other human beings down the mountain, stay on the flat paths!!!;-)

Despite our skiing mishaps, I always enjoy the food at Timberline Lodge (though if you’re staying for more than 2 days it gets a bit repetitive).

Full Breakfast Buffet: blueberry pancakes with raspberry sauce and maple syrup, raspberry jam croissants, maple bacon, lodge sausages, assorted cheese, fresh fruit.

Lunch Cheese Tasting Plate: Smokestack, Smokey Blue, and Brindle cheese with smoked hazelnuts, crusty bread, and peppered pear preserves.  Strawberry Lemonade.

The cheeses drizzled with rosemary honey.

 Vegetarian Dinner Tasting Plate: sauteed broccolini and baby carrots, poached duck egg, celery root and pine nut pot pie with raclette cream.

Pink Lady Apple Pie with pine nut brittle, brandy cream, and salted caramel ice cream.


Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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