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Dear Wonderful Readers,
In 2 days’ time I will be visiting the lovely City of Lights for the first time ever!  [My inlaws are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary and are graciously bringing us along for the trip.]  I’ve never been!

So, here’s my question for all of you…

Do any of you have any recommendations for yummy places to eat, must-see locales, or fabulous shops (affordable;-) in Paris?

We are planning on visiting the Louvre, the Chanel store, Pierre Herme for the macarons and cakes, Berthillion ice cream, the Les Puces flea market, and Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet by the Palace of Versailles.

If anyone has any must-sees or eats, I’m all ears!  Thanks a bunch~


P.S. I will only have intermittent access to email/internet while there but I’m trying to automate my posts so you’ll all have reading material while I’m gone…not sure how much I can do in advance but I’ll try! 

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