So I am still in France…experiencing internet withdrawal since I’ve barely been able to use it since arriving…just a few minutes here and there when I’m able to catch the hotel’s wireless signal and falling into bed exhausted every night.

It’s been pretty bad weather on and off since we’ve been here…bitterly cold and rainy, so walking around  (especially with a cranky, overtired 5-year-old with a sinus infection and no stroller), and me with a sprained foot, hasn’t been all that possible.

The macarons and cakes are delicious (but I’m super-tired of pastries, butter, and croissants!) and can’t wait until we’re back in Paris tomorrow celebrating Lil Tot’s 5th birthday.  (Right now we’re somewhere near Vezelay in Burgundy.)  I’m dying to look in the clothing stores in Paris!

And then we’ll back late Friday, and I’ll be back blogging regularly soon, with waaaaay more DIY’s to come!  Til then, Au Revoir!


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