Creative Director of Elle Magazine Joe Zee posted a great little article in this October’s Elle, on how to upcycle certain Halloween costumes into daily wear.  Going as on-trend as possible, taking cues from designer collection, and re-interpreting what you already have on-hand is exactly what I’m always taking about!  Though some of the updates are only do-able if yo only happen to have…certain costumes…just a chop of a skirt or the pairing with modern accessories can definitely re-invent the cheesy, costumey, and polyester.  (Though I’m a little perplexed as to how those front slashes in the Freddy Krueger sweater magically healed themselves in the updated version…;-)

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween – and here’s to reusing what you can from this year’s costume!



*scanned from Elle Magazine, October 2011

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