0.diywebbyframeowlpicture_introphotoSaturday I made some DIY Spooky Pictures for the wall, today I want to finish up my mantelpiece decorations with a Owl Picture in the center with its own DIY Spiderwebby Frame. Use some glow-in-the-dark decoupage to add a spooky glowing touch! Here’s how:

You Need:

diywebbyframeowlpicture_materialsowl paper cut-out (I used Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage Paper Cut-Outs)  /  black craft foam  /  white cardboard  /  scissors  /  decoupage medium (I used Martha Stewart Decoupage Glow-in-the-Dark Finish)  /  paintbrush  /  something to protect your work surface  /  pen  /  plastic baggie  /  silver paint (I used Martha Stewart Crafts paint in Pure Platinum)  /  glue gun & gluesticks  /  box cutter (optional)

How To:

diywebbyframeowlpicture_step1 1. Place the own cut-out on top of the black foam and trace around it to make an oval frame-shape.

2. Cut out.

3. Place the owl on the frame again and sketch a smaller oval around the owl.

4. Cut out, using a box cutter as necessary.

diywebbyframeowlpicture_step25. Spread some decoupage medium on the cardboard and glue the owl cut-out down.

6. Follow up with 3 coats of decoupage, drying in between each coat.

diywebbyframeowlpicture_step37. Lay the black frame on some newspapers.

8. Pour some paint into a plastic baggie, and snip off one corner.

9. Squeeze paint onto the black frame in a scribbly, spiderwebby fashion.  Allow to dry.

diywebbyframeowlpicture_step410. Glue the dried cardboard to the back of the frame – you may have to trim the edges of the cardboard so they don’t stick out.

diywebbyframeowlpicture_done1 diywebbyframeowlpicture_done3 And that’s it! These decorations provide a great “frame” for your mantelpiece…and for a large spooky DIY Halloween-themed picture (which I’ll be providing a tutorial for tomorrow!)

diywebbyframeowlpicture_done2Want more Halloween projects? Try Saturday’s project, DIY Eyeball Garland and Glowing Skull Stantions, or some DIY Decoupaged Cut-Out Pictures, or some earlier projects like DIY Stenciled Pumpkins, or the DIY Spooky Gothic Eyeball Brooch.

Stay tuned for the final Halloween DIY coming up tomorrow!

diywebbyframeowlpicture_done4Happy DIY’ing!


FTC Disclosure:  I received a box of craft supplies from Martha Stewart Crafts for a paid post (posted here). This post was not part of the paid campaign, and I was not compensated for this post. All opinions above are my own. For my full Disclosure Policy, click here




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