So it’s Thanksgiving and instead of groaning and griping about the things I don’t have (an activity that I indulge in 98% of the year) I wanted to share with all of you things that I am thankful for (and there are really, truly alot! – so here are the best of the best):

1. My family and friends. So glad to have you, so glad that you’re there, so glad we’re all well (except for my uncle, who’s struggling with cancer, so my thoughts are also with him. He’s battling it bravely and seems to be coming out on top, though, so there’s another thing I’m quite thankful for.) You’re all so dear to me!

2. Time-outs. I liberally give them to my son, my dog, and even to myself. Life is sooooo much better with time-outs! LOL

3. That we live in a time where technology fuels creativity. It’s been a long time coming (and wish that it had been around, say, 10 years ago when I could have really thrown myself wholeheartedly into this blogging-thang…) but even so…I’m so, so glad that it’s finally here and all this potential for amazing things is out there on the internet. And that I have the ability to share that creativity with all of you!

4. Chocolate. Could not function without it. In any form.

5. All of you! 😀 I can’t put into words how much I appreciate that there are people out there who visit my site, read what I write, and are kind enough to comment if something I’ve written tickles their fancy or inspires them. This blog definitely wouldn’t exist without any of you – and I wouldn’t spend all the time I do on it if there was no one reading! (If a tree falls in the forest and all that sort ‘o thing.) Thank you so much for being there – checking in on me from time to time – reading – commenting – sending me inquiries and photos of things you’ve made – and all your support and helpfulness – I appreciate each and every one of you! You are all my inspiration…so a huge THANK YOU direct from me!

What are you guys thankful for?
Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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