Hair: Side pony with Priscila Glamorous Curl Rope Wig

Straw Boater Hat with grosgrain ribbon: bought off Ebay

Double-layered gauze dress: mocha

Bracelets: from Pineapple County [Honolulu]

Watch: Citizen Eco-Drive

Chain-Detail Sandals: Wet Seal

Hub says that hats don’t really suit me but I’m kind of partial to this one.

I tried styling it with a side-pony (I think the last time I tried the side ponytail I was…8??!), which I covered with my new Rope Wig.

It’s just short, curly hair sewn onto a long cord.  You pin it into your hair to add volume to your ponytail, create a bun, a faux mohawk, what-have-you.  It’s very fluffy and I love it!!

Today I went to Harajuku to walk down Takeshita-doori (seen in my photos from last year here) and poke in all the little shops there.  It turned out to be surprisingly windy (a little too breezy for my taste!!;-) and as I returned and emerged from the subway, a huge gust of wind blew my dress up and I ended up flashing a bus with my short-shorts, which I was wearing underneath.  Never walk around in Japan without something under your skirt!!  😉

I saw lots and lots of cheap clothing, cheap jewelry, socks, souvenirs, boy-band photos, Goth-Loli clothing, visual-kei band costumes, secondhand Vivienne Westwood…and of course, Topshop, Forever 21, and H&M.  I always make it a matter of principle to never go to stores in Japan that I can visit or buy from in the U.S. (but I make an exception for Zara since there’s no Zara out in Portland;-)  I’m much more interested in what’s going on in Japanese fashion, not what is being sold to the Japanese market as conceived by foreign stores.  It’s a whole world of difference!!


Harajuku crepes are the best!!  I always get blueberry and frozen yogurt.  While I was eating it, some random guy with an American accent (who I thought was Japanese at first glance), asked me if I knew anywhere near where we were to “have fun.”  I didn’t think he was trying to pick me up or anything since he had a girl with him, but regardless, when it comes to clubs and Japanese nightlife I know nothing, so I said I just came for the shopping.  He and the girl sort of wandered off.Random!!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!


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