Try pink and orange together for a funky sorbet pop!

Yesterday I had something completely different scheduled (my usual F.I.L.L. in which I share fun and inspiring links weekly), but apparently my host server had other plans, as BlueHost servers went down yesterday at 3 AM and took most of the day to get back on-line. As a result, I’m now going with something completely different today. F.I.L.L. should resume next week, so stay tuned!

Fashionising has put together some incredibly inspiration color combination mood boards – and I’m totally loving the bright pops and unexpected mixes! (It’s a total 80’s revival…coming at ya.)

Here are a couple of my new combinations I’m raring to try: OxfordblueSeagreenmoodboard

Oxford blue and emerald green are coolly sophisticated.


Yellow and turquoise make a refreshing Summer combo!

Check Out The Rest of the Newest Color Combinations for Summer 2013 at Fashionising



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