7 New Color Combos from Summer 2013 and Beyond


Try pink and orange together for a funky sorbet pop!

Yesterday I had something completely different scheduled (my usual F.I.L.L. in which I share fun and inspiring links weekly), but apparently my host server had other plans, as BlueHost servers went down yesterday at 3 AM and took most of the day to get back on-line. As a result, I’m now going with something completely different today. F.I.L.L. should resume next week, so stay tuned!

Fashionising has put together some incredibly inspiration color combination mood boards – and I’m totally loving the bright pops and unexpected mixes! (It’s a total 80’s revival…coming at ya.)

Here are a couple of my new combinations I’m raring to try: OxfordblueSeagreenmoodboard

Oxford blue and emerald green are coolly sophisticated.


Yellow and turquoise make a refreshing Summer combo!

Check Out The Rest of the Newest Color Combinations for Summer 2013 at Fashionising



Images from Fashionising.com

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Citrus Brights Spring Wishlist Inspired By: Sushi Memo Blocks

inspiredby_sushimemoblockThe cold weather is beginning to abate, and Spring is soon on its heels with a burst of fresh, bright, citrusy colors.  Inspired by these adorable sushi-style memo pads (a total non-sequitur, I have to admit), I’ve put together a wishlist of happy citron hues that will hopefully usher in more balmy days.

 1. Pointed Leather Flat Shoes with Metal Skull, $108.99  /  2. Light Curve Dress – Tanline, $165  /  3. ASOS Bunting Arrow Necklace, $21.05

4. Prabal Gurung for Target Look 7, $16.99-$39.99  /  5. Honeybadger Cardinal Sunglassesicon, $99  /  6. DV by Dolce Vita The Archer Sandalicon, $69

7. Apt 9 Emma Satchel, $41.30

Sushi Memo Block by Nico, available here



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Steal That Style!: Olivia Palermo

Welcome to the first installment of a new series I’m trying out: Steal That Style!, where I feature a celebrity’s recent outfit and break it down into the Steal-able (that is, similar pieces that are affordable) and the DIY-able.  Let me know what you guys think – I’d love your feedback!

Img source

Olivia Palermo was spotted recently at a film screening, wearing this bold ensemble.  I look the juicy colors, the pop of print – and the gutsiness of this as a party look.  Above is how to get the look for less, by shopping cheap…and creatively crafting.

How to Get Her Look

Stylish Steals

Cuff: Metal Braided Cuff, $21, AlltheRageOnline.com.

Dress: Exhibit A Cutout Coral Dress, $59; or Aryn K Sudden Chill Orange Dress, $83; or Cutest Smile Red Dress, $38; all Lulus.com.

Shoes: Liliana Muses 3 Leopard Pump, $23.90, UrbanOg.com.

DIY Deals

Dress: The dress can be made using BurdaStyle Pattern 1/2010 #128.  Choose a bright shantung fabric for the same look.  Eliminate the belt and cut the sleeves shorter to about a 3/4 length sleeve (don’t forget hem allowance).   Also if you like eliminate the center front seam by overlapping the front piece patterns on top of each other (only overlapping the seam allowance), and cut the front as one continuous piece.  If you really like that high-waisted seam, you can always add a piece of black cord trim in the midsection of the dress to thoroughly emulate the look.

Clutch: Take a clutch you already have (or something thrifted), and cover with hot pink satin (example from HancockFabrics.com), using Loctite Vinyl, Fabric and Plastic Adhesive to adhere it.

Shoes: If you’re feeling crafty and have a pair of beige pumps on hand (or can find a usable pair at your local thrift store), paint your own DIY leopard print using Angelus Acrylic leather paints (ideal), or acrylic paints, covered in a layer or two of Mod Podge Matte to make the spots weatherproof.

Proof that you don’t need a celeb’s money to look like a million bucks!



All other photos copyright of their respective authors.  Photo array by me.

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Dreaming of Brights for Spring 2011

Top row, from left: Rachel Roy, Ccharel, Jil Sander, Prada, Issa, Christian Dior.  Bottom Row, from left: Moschino, Mary Katrantzou, Stella McCartney.All photos from Style.com; array by me.

As the Spring/Summer 2011 runways have demonstrated, big, bold splashes of color and bright, clashing prints are going to be BIG trends for this coming season.

Jil Sander!  Dior! Moschino! Prada!

And street-style incorporating these bold colors is just so inspiring…

For the first time in my life, I’m swayed by these 80’s pops of bright…infusing an otherwise dreary winter (and my overwhelmingly gray wardrobe) with a little dose of happiness.

So I’ve been pulling out all the bright-and-bold fabric from my stash that I can find – which is almost nothing, needless to say…

From left to right: Photorealistic Lemon-Print Cotton (bought in Japan, 1998); Banana Leaf-Print Cotton (bought on St. John’s Island, Caribbean, 1989); Universe/Galaxy-Printed Organic Cotton Sateen and Silk Crepe de Chine (designed by me, just printed the samples earlier this month); Bottom: Cotton Twill Sofia Fabric (bought at Ikea)

The lemon fabric I made into a blouse back in 2000 or so; but I had to alter the collar a bit and so it’s been on my to-do pile for awhile.  The other fabrics I haven’t used at all…yet.

The expression on my face and the caption makes me cringe; but unfortunately I couldn’t find another photo of the finished blouse.  Circa 2007.
Strawberry-print dress and bag I designed and made back in 2000.  They’ve been sitting on my Fix-it Pile for awhile…since I realized the dress is way too Flamenco for my tastes and the bag is just silly.  But they’re bright!  And fruit-printed!  Photo circa 2001.

I rarely wear bright-colored clothing (accessories, no problem…but clothing I still struggle with).  I think I have a deep-seated negative association with wearing bright colors; something that was harped on as the antithesis of stylish and fashionable as I was growing up.  I feel the strongest physical revulsion at bright jade green, bright turquoise, and bright purple.  Especially the turquoise.

Yes, the idea of wearing these colors actually scares me.  Custom Pantone palette made at ColorExplorer.com

Which is ironic because turquoise used to be my favorite color when I was a kid, probably from when I was 5 or so until I was around 12 or 13.

My brother and I in our front yard, circa 1986.  I was 8 – can you guess what my favorite color was??  Actually, you can probably guess what my brother’s favorite color was as well.;-)

This irrational negativity towards bright colors is a huge mental block I’ve had for years.

An outfit built around this much color is highly unusual for me.

Anyway, projects up next: a green-striped bias draped skirt, a pair of coral pleated trousers, a hot-pink linen swing skirt, a red galaxy-print silk shell, and a blue galaxy puff-skirt.  I’m not quite sure what to do with the banana leaf-print fabric from above just yet as I only have a little of it…maybe a bandeau bikini top?

How do you feel about this upcoming trend of brights?  Do you incorporate bright colors in your outfits – and if you don’t, why?


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