(Accessorize.com necklace, thrifted cardigan, Forever21 zipper-trim dress, self-made scrunch leggings from my old line RIVETED, Maison Gilfy foldover booties)

But no; its just bad lighting.:-)

This GORGEOUS necklace was in the lovely package I received from Accessorize.com a few weeks back.  I’ve been waiting to pair it with something kind of similar and take some shots, but Portland weather hasn’t been all that great (so what else is new?) lately.  What with conflicting schedules and everything, we haven’t been able to shoot outside during the day in I don’t know how long.

Here’s a much better photo of the necklace:

It’s called the Bluebelle Corsage Necklace and sells for 16 pounds ($26 U.S.) on the Accessorize.com website.  Fabric, ribbon, zipper trim, pearls, and findings oh my!  And I just saw a very similar one at Anthropologie for about $48…Score!!

I saw this dress at a Forever21 store and I just had to have it.  I mean – it was $23 – and had this fabulous zipper trim!!  (It’s not available on the website anymore though, phooey.)  It’s a fairly simple jersey (what else??) sheath dress that’s black and refusing to show up properly in these photos.  I love the triple zippers on the shoulders, and the faux zipper pockets in the front.  The downside to all its zippery is that the armscyes are super-scratchy (and heavy!), and thus an extra layer is necessitated to keep my arms scratch-free.  (Hence my long cardigan – which I practically live in while at home.)  Plus, the muscle tee cut of the top part of it is annoying me a little.  But it looks so much better with a pretty necklace adorning it!

Thank you, Accessorize, for such a great piece!

I’ve made the radical decision to grow my hair out again (I could almost sit on it before I chopped it short a year and a half ago)…and now it’s in that in-between stage where I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet, except keep it messy-on-purpose.  Yup.  I gots me a PLAN.

And yes, my cardigan has magical powers – see how it’s kind of billowing out behind me though I am staying still?;-)

Sorry for the lack of DIY’s lately…one would think I am being completely lazy and slacking off…

When I am actually creating SIX DIY projects and tutorials for a current project!  I’m kind of working on everything at once so it’s difficult to focus on other things.

But I promise, there’ll be some great ones coming up!


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