Hair: right side and bangs french-braided, all twisted back into a messy roll and pinned

Bird-printed dress: Miss Selfridge

Silver Star Necklace: bought in Japan [LaForet Harajuku]

Watch: Citizen Eco-Drive

Leggings: Old Navy

Wedge-Heel Patent Platforms: Zara

Cognac Faux-Leather Schoolboy Satchel: Ober Tashe [Shibuya 109]

Silk Printed Scarf: thrifted (Goodwill)

What I wore when I visited the custom clothing shop on Friday.It’s been so hot and sticky here I’ve been wearing my hair up repeatedly since my last outfit photo, and I’ve gotten a little tired of the high pony or bun that I’ve been doing a lot.  Today I tried a style that I’ve seen a lot on girls here; braiding the side of the hair, incorporating the bangs, and than pulling back into a twist at the back.  I still have to master this technique, but it’s been working really well for keeping my hair off my face and relatively okay-looking for the rest of the day.

I realized the back was sticking out a bit after I took the photo, and fixed it with some more pins later.

Now that my hair has grown out a bit I can do so many different styles with it, but am being told by some people (who shall remain nameless grrrr) that I looked so much better when I had short hair.  Um….thanks??  I’m looking at buying a wig that was similar to my old short do’, and having my stylist cut it in the same manner so it will always be frozen in time, so to speak.  The problem with that short hairstyle was that it took like 40+ minutes to do properly, and if I didn’t bother to do anything to it, it just looked like I had a really bad haircut.  Hopefully getting a short-haired wig will solve that problem.The dress I bought from Miss Selfridge’s online last year I feel is waaaaay too short to be a dress, so I wear it as a tunic or a top usually.

My leggings are actually full ankle-length, but looking in the mirror I realized the outfit looked quite “heavy” for summer, so I folded the leggings under themselves at the cuffs to make them capri-length.  I thought they would look bulky but it seems to work, and saves me having to buy another pair of leggings in that exact length.  Versatility!

I realized my scarf is very long to tie it onto my bag like this, and drapes all over the ground.  Must remedy that…maybe by tying into a bow?Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!


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