So, with my last post on that DIY skully cutout tee I forgot to post the photo of the original Barak shirt. Well here it is below, in all its glory, straight out of one of my “inspiration collages:”

(clockwise in a tightening spiral, from top left: E.Y. Wada handpainted top, Saya Hibino ring and Sydney Evan bird necklace, Stella McCartney silk dress, Chloe tank, Sportmax tank, Richard Chai tank dress, I forgot striped dress, Barak cutout skull tee, Sweetface by Jennifer Lopez dress, I forgot handbag, Calma rhinestone top, JLo by Jennifer Lopez red top, Miguelina halter top, I forget leather belt, Pretty Little Thing heart neacklace)

I cut out and save every single photo I see in a magazine that features a product/accessory/article of clothing that I am in love with -whether it’s just “oh that’s so cool!” or if it provokes me to start thinking design-wise in a new direction or come up with an idea, or if I just want to DIY it myself. (Okay, I’m completely insane. I’ve been doing it since, oh, 1998, and I’ve lugged my ten-pound box of cutouts from Japan, to Philadelphia, to Honolulu, and now, here to settle in Portland, OR…at least for the time being *smirk*) I’ve become a really good rip-off artist, I must admit – thanks to my vast collection of inspiration! *sheepishly evil laugh* The majority of my photos in the collages come from Lucky (my English bible) and Vivi (my Japanese bible), along with smatterings of whatever I feel is cool and interesting…and what I have a subscription to (usually U.S. Vogue, InStyle, Marie Claire, S-Cawaii, JJ, CanCam, AneCan, and GLAMOROUS…I refuse to cut up my Goth-Loli mags). The photos may be kind of dated, but anyway I keep going back to the collages again when I feel all “designed-out,” and just want to look at some pretty pictures. And when I want another idea for a quick and easy DIY.

(clockwise, from upper left in a tightening spiral: Bing Bang chain necklace, Gilfy slit up shirts, Gilfy weird English shirts with my own notes, Turtle eyelet tank, Co-Existance shredded sweater-dress (I am soooo scouring Goodwill for a similar sweater to sacrifice!!), Mint silk chiffon tunic, I forgot studded skull tee)

Do any of you have a go-to source for inspiration – something that gets the creative juices flowing?


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