How was everyone’s week?  It’s been Spring Break for one of Lil Tot’s schools…which means he’s been home a lot and I’ve been in full Mom mode.  But somehow despite the little [3-foot-tall] distractions I managed to get through a whole pile-up of DIYs and projects that have been sitting on my to-do table (yes, I have a whole TABLE of stuff to do…not just a pile;-).  I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Here’s some food for DIY’ing thought…

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But first, onto other DIY stuff from around the web!

DIY maven Maya from Bye, Bye Soccer Mom shared her Ice Cube clutch, ring, and miniaudiere – inspired by Chanel.  Her creativity gives me goosebumps!;-)

Reader Sara from Short of Something sent me a link to her Faux Headboard DIY…and I love it!

How on earth did I miss this???  The Glamourai gave her Forever21 crystal rhinestone necklace a vintage-style makeover…with brown and black Sharpies.  Awesome idea for faux-ageing your jewelry.  Check it out here.

Style Hurricane posted a how-to for a DIY Jil Sander Market Bag.  Very easy, with an amazingly chic result!

This Detachable Coat Skirt Tutorial from Rosy Red Buttons makes me a little sorry it’s Spring and I’ll be putting away my winter coat for awhile.  Oh wait – I live in Portland – which means it won’t actually start feeling like Spring until June.  I still have 3 months to make this amazing, multifunctional piece!!

April Fools’ Day is coming up this Friday – so why not try a DIY April Fools’ Day Dinner for your loved ones?  Meatloaf as cupcakes – candy bars as fishsticks…I can’t wait to see what my son says when dinner looks this bizarre.  From

Sarah (from Welcome to the gOOd Life) posted a guest blog on Whatever Dee-Dee Wants on how to DIY your own Anthropologie-inspired “Squeezebox” pleated top.  Sarah is an incredibly talented sewist, and her Anthro and J. Crew DIY’s are the best replicas I’ve ever seen!  This amazing shirt is no exception.

Art Clay World USA is sponsoring the 2011 North American Design Competition, which has an Open Theme this year.  Submit your best projects made in Art Clay Silver, Gold, or Copper, and compete for cash prizes and Art Clay World credits (up to $1500!). Deadline is June 20, 2011, and all the info is here – scroll down & click on the news for March 02, 2011 for the downloadable pdf and details.

Recent favorite affordable and cute shopping destinations: / T.I.L. Darling / ThreadSence

And since I’m not doing my DIY Roundups anymore, if you have a DIY project, tutorial, or creation that you’d like to see featured on Chic Steals, please email me at carlyjcais at chic-steals dot com – and I’ll try to squeeze it in to one of my Links of the Week posts!



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